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Steve’s Hot Dogs

Steve’s Hot Dogs on the Hill is best known for taking the popular meat treat to exciting culinary heights, so here we are, trying all sorts of hot dogs – because yes, a hot dog is a sandwich.
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Gioia’s Deli

What’s more iconic than a sandwich from Gioia’s? The hot salami at this deli is well-known, but not the only dish worth trying.
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Hi-Pointe Drive-In

Gourmet hamburgers are in vogue and our guys couldn’t be happier about it. The Brown & Crouppen team heads to the Hi-Pointe Drive-In in Dogtown for burgers, sandwiches, and the biggest shake they can get.
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Rockhille Grille

A grilled cheese with an avocado slice inside? Sign us up! The BCTV team headed to Rockhill Grille in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City. This grille wowed with some chart-topping “best-of”s that the team has ever encountered.
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Browne’s Irish Marketplace

Hat shopping and sandwiches all at once? The BCTV team heads to the Oldest Irish Business in North America, Browne’s Irish Marketplace. Will Ed miss the meat on Wendi’s Veggie sandwich? Will the egg salad be too eggy? This marketplace has all the snacks, drinks, and classic dishes for a good lunch stop.
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Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Is the best BBQ in Kansas City at a gas station? Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que is a Barbecue staple with an active gas station attached. The team tries the best ribs in Kansas City, some fries, and most importantly: deep fried jalapeños.
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Would you eat sliced beef heart? The team heads to a restaurant and butcher shop: Pigwich in East Bottoms, Kansas City. The team orders a banh mi, a pork brisket sandwich, a Pigwich, and the East Bottoms Burger. All served with sweet potato fries.
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Union Loafers

Union Loafers is known for their trout salad sandwich, but on this episode of 3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches, a different sandwich gets the title of the best Ed has ever had in his life. Was it the smoked beet sandwich? The nut butter? Or the roast beef? Watch as Terry, Andy, and Ed crash the lunch rush at this Botanical Heights staple.
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