Big Lots Recalling Floor Lamps for Electrical, Melting Hazards

On behalf of Brown & Crouppen, P.C. posted in Defective Products on Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nationwide retail chain Big Lots and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced that it is recalling a line of floor lamps because the products have design defects that may expose consumers to electrical shocks, fires and burns. The CPSC said in a statement that the recall affects about 43,700 of the lamps, which were marketed by Big Lots as Classic Quarters Five Light Floor Lamps.

Consumers in St. Louis may be interested to know that the CPSC announcement identified two distinct defects in the lamps’ design. Perhaps the more serious problem is that the wiring in the light sockets has the tendency to become exposed. The exposed wires can give an electric shock if touched. So far, no injuries have been reported due to this problem.

The other flaw noted in the recall notice is that the plastic shades that cover the light bulbs can melt from the heat of the bulb, even when the consumer uses the 40 watt bulbs recommended by Big Lots. The CPSC said it has received four reports of shades melting in this manner, but no injuries.

The floor-length lamps, which have the model number G-1843-5 labeled on the bottom, stand about five feet tall with a metal pole painted gunmetal or chrome. At the top are five lights, each adjustable in height and mounted on flexible metal tubes. The lights are each covered by dark or multi-colored plastic shades. The lamps were made to use standard or compact fluorescent light bulbs. The instruction manual that came with the bulbs has an SKU number of 612007239, 612007829 or 612008982 at the beginning.

Anyone who believes they have bought one of the affected lamps should return them to Big Lots for a full refund, the CPSC said.

Source: WRTV-TV, “Big Lots Recalls Floor Lamps,” Jan. 18, 2012

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