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Case Win Feature: 6 Million Dollars Recovered for Client Struck by Box Truck

Achieving success after auto accidents requires immense amount of preparation, documentation, and teamwork between lawyers and paralegals. Understanding how to get the best possible outcome from a car accident, it is also important to remember that no one can guarantee a specific amount. However, an experienced law firm will do everything in their power to fight for their clients. When a paralegal receives a motor...
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What Are the Stages of Personal Injury Litigation?

Brown & Crouppen handles quite a few claims over the course of any given year, but not every claim we handle will follow the same path.  It occasionally becomes necessary for us to involve the court system and file a lawsuit to protect our client’s interest.  Television presents a very abbreviated view of the litigation process which can cause confusion for clients in that situation. ...
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Tenant Rights in Rental Property Injury Claims

When you rent a property from someone, you expect that the property will be delivered in a safe condition. However, sometimes property owners fail to fix defects on their property than can lead to injuries to their tenants or their tenants’ guests. Common causes of property defects that lead to injuries include dangerous staircases, uneven flooring, and water leaks among other issues. If you or...
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What Does a Mass Tort Paralegal Do?

When a potential client contacts our firm to pursue a product liability case, he/she is asked specific questions regarding the state he/she resides in, type and date of diagnosis, usage or surgery information, and any other pertinent information. The intake questions allow the attorney to determine whether a case can be accepted or rejected based on a set criterion. If a case is accepted, the...
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What to Do if you Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

In a perfect world, we would all have the means and ability to be the sole caretakers of our loved ones. All too often, that is unrealistic and impossible which leads to the decision to place them into an assisted living facility. While many nursing homes treat residents with dignity and respect, countless others fail to meet a basic standard of care. It is a...
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Separating Fact from Fiction: 4 Common Injury Lawsuit Myths

We have all seen the funny memes.  A set of pictures representing what our family, friends and the public believe a job to entail versus what it really feels like- featuring nurses, doctors, mail carriers, cashiers, customer service representatives, and yes, even paralegals and attorneys. Here is my personal favorite: Your case can be a little bit like this.  Social media, television, movies, friends and...
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What Do Paralegals Do? A Day in the Life.

While there are many movies and books about lawyers, the work of a paralegal is rarely depicted. Most people do not know how to answer the question, “What does a paralegal do?” The role of a paralegal here at Brown and Crouppen is an interesting, dynamic one. We know that the work we do is to help our clients during a time when they need...
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An Overview of Social Security Disability

No one wants to find themselves needing Social Security Disability benefits. But if you or a loved one have or are considering filing for disability benefits; you should become familiar with the basics of social security disability rules and law. Disabilities can be mental, physical, or a combination of both, and can occur from slowly over time as with a deteriorating condition, or immediately, such...
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