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Who Pays My Medical Bills in a Car Accident?

When I speak to a client shortly after they are involved in a crash, “Who pays my medical bills?” is a common question asked by many. It is significant for your health and the value of your case. Receive all the necessary medical treatment and start your treatment as soon as possible after a crash. To obtain medical treatment in a timely fashion, you initially...
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Legal Terminology 101: A Guide to Understanding Your Lawyer and Lawsuit

Personal injury lawyers and paralegals frequently use legal terms when discussing cases with their clients. Although this terminology is well-known to people who use it daily, clients may find such jargon unfamiliar or confusing.  Therefore, the personal injury team at Brown & Crouppen has put together this short primer to explain the terms that our clients ask about the most during their case.  Insurance claim. Most...
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Where Health and Casualty Insurance Meet Following an Accident

If you carry health insurance, you expect that the health insurance will cover the cost of your medical care after your deductible and co-pay. However, when your medical treatment is the byproduct of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, it may seem unclear whether your health insurance foots the bill or whether the casualty insurance (or the liability insurance for individuals and businesses that...
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What to Expect During a Personal Injury Deposition

When it comes time to give a deposition in a case and you are the person to be deposed, it can certainly cause some anxiety and unease if you have never experienced one before.  Have no fear, because the attorney will be there to help you understand the process and will be by your side before, during, and after the deposition. The deponent will know...
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Obtaining the “Right” Medical Care After a Car Accident

You have been in a crash.  It can be overwhelming.  One of the components of compensation you may seek after a crash is medical expenses.  Unfortunately, insurance companies and insurance adjusters often use the medical treatment you may seek against you.  How can that be?  Insurance companies are looking for ANY reason to decrease what you are owed in compensation.  Over time insurance companies have...
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3 Tips for Trial Preparation and Successful War Room Organization

Trial preparation is a team effort. Your team needs a place to gather and truly collaborate. That means setting up what is known as a “war room,” a place where the team can prepare for the battle of trial. We all wish there were a blueprint for setting up the perfect war room. The truth is, there are tons of ways to physically set-up a...
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What You Need to Know About Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media now plays a large part in everyone’s daily routine and has become a powerful set of communication tools.  These programs allow the sharing of all parts of a person’s life instantaneously, and it seems just about everyone is posting, tweeting, etc., every single day.  While these connections are a valuable way to keep in touch with others and share a piece of one’s...
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Case Win Feature: 6 Million Dollars Recovered for Client Struck by Box Truck

Achieving success after auto accidents requires immense amount of preparation, documentation, and teamwork between lawyers and paralegals. Understanding how to get the best possible outcome from a car accident, it is also important to remember that no one can guarantee a specific amount. However, an experienced law firm will do everything in their power to fight for their clients. When a paralegal receives a motor...
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