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Steps to Becoming a Paralegal

Life as a paralegal means intellectually stimulating and rewarding work that can change lives. However, there are many things to take into consideration when becoming a paralegal. You’ll want to make sure you do your research when deciding what’s best for you. Each state has its own unique requirements for paralegals. However, most states have no specific education requirement. That means you can select the...
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Questions to Ask to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

Hiring an attorney after a devastating incident is a daunting and emotionally fraught task. How can you be sure you’re hiring the best personal injury lawyer possible? Selecting a law firm to represent you means asking some insightful questions up front, before you sign up. In addition to helping you vet attorneys, it can also put your mind at ease. Knowing what to expect will...
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Paralegal Skills for Thriving in Court

Paralegals working alongside attorneys in the courtroom is becoming the new normal. As the go-to person for seemingly countless duties, paralegals oversee many aspects of going to trial. Here some key paralegals skills for thriving in court: Make a good first impression. For starters, first impressions are lasting impressions. Everyone will have their eyes on you in one way or another. A paralegal should act...
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What to Expect for Court Appearances During the Pandemic

The world keeps turning. Yes, even during a pandemic, life finds a way to keep happening. This includes filing lawsuits, taking depositions and even trials and other court appearances during the pandemic. Like most things in the increasingly annoying 2020, going to court looks a little different than it used to. Most courts, including those in Missouri, have reopened in phases. According to the Missouri...
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Court Rules and Practices for Paralegals

It is tempting to think most courts conduct business in similar ways. However, individual court rules and practices for paralegals can regulate many functional aspects of the case. Failing to adhere to these requirements can result in significant errors and lead to unfavorable consequences. Courts adopting these requirements have been known to deny all unsatisfactorily filed motions, for example. Court rules, also called local rules...
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Do I Need a Lawyer?

Over the course of an average lifespan, most Americans find themselves in a situation where they consider hiring a lawyer. And almost as many Americans wonder whether hiring a lawyer is worth the time and trouble. Lawyers can be expensive. Acting as your own attorney (“pro se”) doesn’t cost you anything, right? Well, like so much about the law, it depends. If you find yourself...
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Tips on Talking to a Lawyer and Case Success

Communication is what makes a team strong. It is important for you to have open and transparent communication with your lawyer and legal team. Be sure to make certain things known to your attorney.  You may not think certain topics matter or want to avoid certain uncomfortable points of conversation. However, these topics could potentially have serious implications with your case. The short answer is...
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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Nobody calls a personal injury lawyer when everything is fine. You only call one because you or somebody you love has been hurt. Trying to find the best personal injury attorney for your case can be confusing. Googling “personal injury lawyer near me” will result in the names and contact info of lawyers and law firms in your area. Although that might be a good...
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