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What are the most common types of personal injury cases? As a personal injury lawyer, this is a question my paralegal and I get asked regularly.  We have defined the three most common personal injury cases and provided tips should you find yourself involved in any of these situations.


Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury case. However, I avoid calling automotive events “accidents” because almost always when you drill down into the events of a crash, it is due to someone not following the rules of the road. These cases include everything from a small rear-end car crash to a catastrophic crash involving a semi/tractor trailer.

If you find yourself involved in this situation, even if it appears nobody is injured, we have tips on what to do after a car accident.


Premises liability is another common type of personal injury case. These cases include any dangerous condition on a property that has led to injury, including slip and falls, swimming pools, inadequate security at a business, and pet attacks. The law imposes certain duties to owners and renters of property to keep a premise reasonably safe and free from hazards.

Not all injuries that occur on another’s property will lead to liability that can be basis of a case. Whether or not the owner or renter of property is liable often depends on the situation and the law where the property is located.

If you are injured on another’s property, make sure to document and take pictures of the hazard and obtain any witness contact information. Consult a lawyer and let your attorney assist in determining if another can be held legally responsible for your injuries.


Finally, medical malpractice is a common type of personal injury case. It is surprising to most people that a 2016 John Hopkins study estimated medical malpractice errors to be the third highest cause of death in the United states, behind heart disease and cancer. The John Hopkins study estimated that approximately 250,000 people die annually because of medical errors.

The practice of medicine is not an exact science and it is a common misconception that there are too many medical malpractice cases. The truth is medical malpractice cases are rare and every medical error does not lead to a medical malpractice case. It is not enough for a patient to simply be harmed by medical error, we first determine if the treatment leading to the error falls below the appropriate medical standard of care.  Secondly, the treatment that was below the appropriate medical standard of care must lead and cause serious patient injury.

There is a lot of gray area in figuring out if another person or business is legally liable for an injury. If you have been in an automobile crash, or if you believe you or your loved one has been injured as the result of a premises hazard or medical error, call Brown and Crouppen for a free consultation. Our legal and paralegal team can help assist you in deciding if someone is legally responsible and help you obtain the justice you deserve.


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