Plaintiff Says Accutane Took His Colon, Ended His Acting Career

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On behalf of Brown & Crouppen, P.C. posted in Defective Medications on Tuesday, March 8, 2011

He was once a rising star in Hollywood, appearing in the television series Twin Peaks and the legal thriller A Few Good Men. But an actor’s prospects of stardom were ruined, he says, by the defective drug Accutane. And he has several big names in show business to support his claims.

The actor, a 41-year-old man, is one of three plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in New Jersey against Hoffman-La Roche, the company that made Accutane. He alleges that taking Accutane gave him an irritable bowel disease so severe that doctors had to remove his colon. As a result, his ability to perform in movies and television shows was greatly reduced, according to the man.

According to an article about the trial from The Street, the 41-year-old’s attorneys will call a number of Hollywood celebrities on his behalf. The celebrities, including the actors Martin Sheen, Brian Dennehy and Esai Morales, and the director Rob Reiner – who directed A Few Good Men – are expected to testify that the plaintiff would have had a successful career as a leading man if taking Accutane had not caused IBD. The plaintiffs are alleging that Hoffman-La Roche knew or should have known that Accutane could cause intestinal disease. The celebrities will testify either in person in the trial’s Atlantic City courtroom or by video deposition.

Accutane’s generic name is isotretinoin, is prescribed for patients with severe acne that does not respond to antibiotics. In recent years, Accutane use has been linked to suicidal thoughts and actions, as well as intestinal problems.

Source: The Street, “Roche vs Hollywood Stars in Accutane Trial,” February 24, 2011


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