Six Firefighters Injured When Trucks Crash at Emergency Call

On behalf of Brown & Crouppen, P.C. posted in Motor Vehicle Accident on Monday, May 23, 2011

Two fire trucks crashed head-on as they responded to an early-morning fire in Platte County, Missouri, on May 9. All six firefighters in the two trucks, including the station chief, suffered injuries ranging from minor to serious but not life-threatening in the accident.

The injured men were volunteer firefighters with the Central Platte Fire Protection District. Around 4 a.m., the station received a report of an electrical fire at a home on State Route HH. They drove the two fire trucks to the site of the fire, but the first truck to reach the scene missed the home’s driveway and turned around. However, in the darkness the drivers apparently did not see each other and the trucks collided, pushing one of the trucks into a ditch on the side of the highway.

All six firefighters were hurt in the accident. The Central Platte fire chief, who was driving one of the fire trucks, may have been the most seriously injured. He was airlifted to North Kansas City Hospital for treatment. Two other firefighters were kept in the hospital, while the remaining three were treated and released.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Department Crash team was investigating the accident, which did not affect the fire department’s ability to respond to emergency calls. The department has a total of 35 volunteer firefighters on its roster and enough extra fire trucks to remain at full capacity, said an official with the sheriff’s department.
The house fire was put out by the nearby Camden Point Fire Department.

Source: St. Joseph News-Press, “6 firefighters hospitalized after crash,” Kim Norvell, May 9, 2011

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