Signs You Should Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer

slip and fall attorney

If someone is injured due to the negligence and actions of another, it is essential to hold the responsible parties accountable. Injuries can have devastating consequences, not only to one’s health but to a job, personal and professional relationships, and mental health. 

If in this situation, quickly hiring a personal injury lawyer is always the best course of action.

What indicators suggest that someone should hire a slip and fall lawyer?

Suppose someone is injured on another’s property or public property, and it is because there was a defective condition or a wet or slippery substance that caused the slip and fall. In that case, it is worth considering if an attorney is needed.

Do all slip and falls qualify for a case, or is there specific criteria?

There is an incorrect perception of frivolous lawsuits being a pervasive problem in today’s society. However, personal injury lawsuits and claims can only be filed under a very strict set of circumstances. Slip and fall cases are no exception. First, a person who slips and falls on another’s property must prove there was a defect on the property. Examples of some defects that commonly cause slip and fall accidents include:

  • spilled liquids
  • leaking air conditioners
  • broken pipes
  • unnaturally accumulated or cleaned ice that has caused the ground, floor, sidewalk, or parking lot to become unsafe

Next, an injured person must prove the property owner or person responsible for keeping the property safe, knew or could have known about the slippery area and/or dangerous condition in time to fix it, warn others about it, or blockade it.

Finally, the slip and fall must result in an injury. Even if the above criteria are met, it is unlikely a claim can be made if someone does not have an injury.

Is there a difference if someone slips and falls at work versus a fall on one’s own time?

Sometimes someone may experience a slip and fall injury while working on the job. In that situation, there are two central questions:

  1. Does the worker’s job provide workers’ compensation?
  2. Is the slip and fall the result of the employer’s negligence or the negligence of a third party? For example, a person at work slips and falls on water from a broken pipe in the hallway of a common area of an office building.

The second question is critical to the inquiry. If the slip and fall were the employer’s fault, then a workers’ compensation claim may be the exclusive remedy available to the injured person. On the other hand, if another third party was at fault (like in the above example), the injured person may pursue both a workers’ compensation claim and a third-party claim against the building owner for their responsibility.

In either situation, it is prudent to consult with an attorney. An attorney can assist in distinguishing between the types of claims that can be pursued, and workers’ compensation may need to be paid back out of any third-party recovery. 

Consulting with Brown and Crouppen’s slip and fall attorneys is free!

Every case and situation is different. Navigating this difficult area of the law, especially when injured, can be extremely confusing and frustrating. If injured, call us right away and let Brown and Crouppen’s attorneys take the burden of investigating your claim, preserving evidence, and meeting the time limits of your state’s statute of limitations.

Consultation is always free, and if a case is pursued, an attorney fee is only paid if Brown and Crouppen successfully recovers compensation for your injury.

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