St. Louis-Area Police Chief Says ‘Speed Trap’ Has Cut Car Accidents

On behalf of Brown & Crouppen, P.C. posted in Motor Vehicle Accident on Thursday, July 19, 2012

Most motorists who regularly take to the highways in the St. Louis metropolitan area have seen them: the increased police patrols on Interstate 70 between St. Louis and the suburb of St. Ann. The stretch of highway has been the subject of increased speed limit enforcement for exactly two years as of July 19. While some people may complain about getting a speed ticket, the St. Ann police chief says that since the mile-long part of I-70 has become an “Accident Reduction Zone,” car accidents have gone down 75 percent.

According to the chief, there were 40 accidents on the section of I-70 from January through July 2010. Many of those collisions likely involved serious injuries to drivers or passengers. On July 19 of that year, authorities designated the stretch an Accident Reduction Zone, which means an increase in police monitoring the road for speeders. In the two years since then, there have been 39.

Over that time, police officers from St. Ann have written more than 6,600 speeding tickets. The chief said that the campaign is not a “speed trap” with officers hiding behind bushes or billboards, waiting to pull over motorists going a couple of miles over the limit.

“We give them 10 [miles over the limit],” he explained. “They do 70 they don’t get a ticket.” But anyone driving more than 70 miles per hour is risking a ticket.

“When you come through St. Ann, all I ask is that you do around the speed limit. Don’t get into the 70s and you’ll be good to go,” the chief said.

Source: KMOV-TV, “I-70: Accident Reduction Zone or Speed Trap?” Brian Kelly, July 17, 2012

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