St. Louis Psychologist Accused of Implanting False Memories

On behalf of Brown & Crouppen, P.C. posted in Medical Malpractice on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A woman who spent more than a year in a St. Louis clinic for treatment of an eating disorder says that the clinic’s psychologist used the power of suggestion to convince her that she had once belonged to a satanic cult and taken part in horrible rituals. The woman says that “memories” of sacrificing and eating infants and being repeatedly raped, which were supposedly recovered under hypnosis, nearly drove her to suicide.

The woman, who has filed a lawsuit against the psychologist and Castlewood Treatment Center, is one of several former patients at the St. Louis center whose memories were manipulated through hypnosis, her attorney said. The other patients may also file medical malpractice suits.

The plaintiff is in recovery from anorexia. She underwent in-patient treatment at Castlewood, which is located in St. Louis, from July 2007 through March 2008 and again for part of 2009. While there, the lawsuit says, the staff psychologist put her on psychotropic drugs and regularly hypnotized her. While she was under hypnosis, the psychologist convinced her that she had suppressed memories of belonging to a satanic cult and being the victim of repeated sexual assaults, the plaintiff alleges. The hypnosis also supposedly turned up evidence of a multiple personality disorder.

The “recovered memories” deeply disturbed the plaintiff, who tried to steal drugs from the clinic to commit suicide. She later spoke to other Castlewood patients and discovered that they, too, had supposedly recovered memories of being in a cult.

The suit accuses the psychologist of implanting false memories in order to prolong his patients’ treatment and collect larger bills. The plaintiff’s bill reached $650,000.
Source: National Public Radio, “Woman: Psychologist Implanted Horrific Memories,” Dec. 02, 2011

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