Women in Law Spotlight: Jasmine Cherell Price

Brown & Crouppen Attorney Jasmine Cherell Price

Mentors. For Oprah, it was Maya Angelou. For Barack Obama, it was Michelle Robinson. Sheryl Sandberg credits her grandmother as mentor and role model. Mentors are essential in recognizing our gifts, encouraging our development, and providing guidance on the unknown paths toward success. When we have doubts, mentors keep us going, often drawing from a deep passion for their work, their own experiences, and the belief that sometimes all a person needs to excel is someone to care enough to show them how. Mentors make the unfamiliar familiar.

Brown & Crouppen attorney Jasmine Cherell Price grew up in Chicago raised by a single mom who happened to be a police officer. From her mother, she learned the importance of public service and developed a sense of duty to pursue justice. And in her mother she saw an example of strength. The middle child of 11, Jasmine is a natural mediator. Her siblings (and cousins) rely on her for advice and reality checks. She’s their go-to when there’s a conflict. And not for them to vent or to get her on their side- but because they can rely on her to help resolve the situation. A voice of reason.

Jasmine’s familial background attracted her to criminal justice coursework in college. While she was in undergrad at Southern Illinois University, professor and attorney Eric M. Rhein taught Jasmine for a semester in Criminal Law. When a final exam didn’t go as well as planned (Her regular A was a B), Professor Rhein took Jasmine aside and opened up communication. From there, he and his wife saw Jasmine through the challenges of working full time, attending school, and managing an internship by meeting with her weekly for lunch. To check in, lend an ear, and offer support. He encouraged law school as an option for Jasmine, recognizing her intellect and innate talent for litigation and with her developed a lasting mentorship

Jasmine considers mentoring essential to her success in law. “Growing up in inner-city Chicago, you don’t have access to the same resources and only 5% of attorneys in the US are Black. Having a mentor made a huge difference.” Through her mentorship, she saw new opportunities for herself and entry barriers no longer seemed as insurmountable. Tackling the LSAT was doable and law school enrollment was a reality.
Jasmine pays it forward, having mentored many young Black women through the LSAT, law school application process, and during their time as law students. Social media is an effective tool—she uses her social platforms to reach out to those considering becoming an attorney, offering a channel of support, advice, and any available resources she can access. Jasmine recently organized a Go-Fund Me to raise the funds for tutoring a student struggling with a law entrance exam. Another young woman she mentored is now in her first year of law school and they’ve become close friends. “Looking back on my own mentorship and having the opportunity to be of service to others myself as a mentor, I can’t express how incredible that feeling is.”

Professor Rhein sees Jasmine today “as an all-around intelligent, excellent human being, who deeply cares about her family, her clients, and the law. I can’t say enough good things about her as a young lawyer.” They’ve recently taken on a commitment to The First Tee of Greater St. Louis, an organization dedicated to providing St. Louis youth with opportunities and relationship building resources through the game of golf.

Brown & Crouppen Law Firm was proud to welcome Jasmine Cherell Price in 2020 as a Personal Injury attorney, where she utilizes her passion for justice and support for the underdog in working hard for her clients. To learn more about Jasmine, visit her attorney biography here.

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