O’Connell’s Pub

For the past 50 years, O’Connell’s Pub has served St. Louis hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, and fish fries on Fridays. Watch the guys try the different dishes and celebrate the Coney Island hot dog.. on a show about sandwiches. Did Ed order too much for the group? What are you going to order the next […]

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Stacked STL

In early February, the team set out to Stacked to try burgers and sandwiches. Between the guacamole bites and buffalo chips, is Ed going to get away with double dipping or was it truly bite-adjacent dipping? Our friends at Stacked are now open if you want to try out the En Fuego or the Dictator.

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The Musical

Uh oh, the Bad Idea Bandit is practicing poor stranger safety! It’s a good thing we have Terry’s Safety Squad to show us the right way to handle interacting with strangers.

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