Brown & Crouppen has helped thousands of people who have been hurt or lost a loved one due to the carelessness or negligence of others get the justice and compensation they deserve. With more than one billion dollars awarded, our personal injury attorneys have a strong reputation for success.

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$1 Billion

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We fight for you, and we fight to win. Here are some of our team’s notable settlements and verdicts.


Boat Mechanic’s Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit

The family of a boat mechanic who died of suffocation after being trapped by an outboard motor that shifted position without warning has settled a wrongful death case against a marine dealer for $2 million. An investigation into the accident revealed that electrical tape had been improperly used to insulate spliced wires leading to the outboard motor.


Woman Whose Son Suffered Brain Injury Settles Medical Malpractice Case

After her son suffered brain damage during the birthing process, our client sued the U.S. government for damages on his behalf. The suit stated that during the birth, the attending physician, who was not board certified in obstetrics, used a vacuum extractor fifteen times instead of the recommended three times, leading to a lifelong brain injury. The medical malpractice case was settled for $ 19 million, the largest personal injury verdict awarded in the Southern District of Illinois U.S. district court.


Woman Who Fell Off Bench in Public Venue Reaches Settlement

A woman who broke her neck after she fell backward off a bench in a public venue has settled her premises liability injury claim for $750,000. The suit alleged that without proper warnings or barriers, it was foreseeable that patrons would sit on the ledge, which was not reasonably safe because it had no backrest.


High School Runner Struck by Utility Truck Reaches Settlement

A high school student was running south in the northbound lane of Carol Park Road in Jefferson County when a utility truck crossed into the wrong lane of the road and struck the student. When interviewed by the police, the truck driver initially lied about the circumstances of the accident. The student spent two weeks in the hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries and was ultimately left unable to run competitively. The insurance company never admitted liability, but agreed to settle the claim for $1 million.


Postal Worker Struck by Commercial Truck at Loading Dock Settles Lawsuit

While attempting to remove an obstruction blocking the wheel to his truck, a postal worker was injured by a private mail truck, which pulled forward, pinning the worker between the two vehicles and causing serious injuries. The injured party claimed that the mail company had not equipped its trucks with the necessary mirrors and equipment to ensure the safety of others and did not adequately train its drivers. While the postal company did not admit liability, the case was settled for $1.5 million.


Drug Company That Hid Medication’s Dangers Settles Claim

Multiple victims received cash settlements based on dangerous defective medication use. A large, multinational drug company concealed the dangers of a medication it manufactured. The company exaggerated the drug’s safety, minimized the risks to the FDA, and aggressively marketed the drug to physicians. Their desire for profit over patient safety led to heart failure, strokes, and even death for some patients. The team at Brown & Crouppen fought for those who suffered, and in doing so, we were able to shine a light on the dangers of this drug to the public.


Tile Setter Settles for Workers' Compensation Benefits

After injuring his back on the job, a self-employed tile setter underwent multiple treatments. Despite ongoing complications, the insurer cut off workers’ compensation benefits, arguing that he had reached his maximum medical improvement for the injury in question, and related ongoing problems to a different injury. The denial of benefits led to additional evaluations and treatment from multiple doctors and, ultimately, the claim settled for nearly twice the amount recommended by the mediating judge. Including disability, back workers’ compensation pay, and past and future medical expenses, the total indemnity was over $1 million from the employer and the Second Injury Fund.


Warren County Man Reaches Settlement After Suffering Severe Burns

A maintenance worker suffered second- and third-degree burns to over 40% of his body while attempting to burn insulation off of copper wires, rendering him unable to work and permanently and totally disabled. He settled his workers’ compensation claim for $600,000, a sizable amount compared to similar cases.


Woman Reaches Settlement After Sustaining Injuries in a Car Collision

A young woman was involved in a rear-end collision with an uninsured driver, wherein she sustained head, neck, back, and shoulder injuries. Negotiations began at $50,000 to cover medical expenses and pain and suffering; however, the team at Brown & Crouppen helped her collect a total of $100,000 plus medical reimbursement.


Man Reaches Settlement After Sustaining Injuries in Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle driver who suffered a severe concussion and other injuries after being rear-ended while turning and thrown off his bike reached a settlement of $130,000. While the initial offer was $30,000, Brown & Crouppen was able to increase this number after it was revealed that the injuries sustained impacted both his marital and professional life.


Child Injured by Faulty Fireworks Reaches Settlement

After a faulty firework severely injured a young child, the family filed a lawsuit against the seller, distributor, and the importer of the firework. Initially, all three defendants refused to admit fault and denied the victim compensation. While the seller and distributor eventually settled for their insurance policy limits, the importer refused to settle. After litigation in which numerous witnesses and experts were deposed and cross-examined, the importer finally settled for $7 million.


Man Settles Lawsuit After Being Injured in Motor Vehicle Collision

A man was involved in a commercial motor vehicle collision wherein he sustained knee and abdominal injuries requiring four surgeries and many weeks in the hospital. The team at Brown & Crouppen developed a 40-page global policy limits demand that included video testimony of family, friends, and an expert GI specialist, as well as a life care planner report and medical illustrations. The case settled for a total of $6 million.


Passenger Reaches Settlement in Motor Vehicle Accident

A man was a passenger in a car that was struck by another car. Although the police report concluded that the other driver was not at fault for the crash, the black box data that Brown & Crouppen’s team downloaded from the other driver’s car showed that he was, in fact, responsible. When the driver’s insurance company refused to admit fault or pay anything, a lawsuit was filed. The case was resolved shortly before trial when the insurance company admitted fault and paid $850,000. The settlement permitted our client to spend the remaining years of his life in more comfort and with financial security.


Child Injured by School Bus Secures Settlement

A school bus failed to yield and made a left turn directly into the path of our client’s vehicle, causing catastrophic injuries to her young child. Despite a sovereign-immunity damage cap of $421,000, we were able to compel the public school bus company to pay over their total available policy limits, securing $7,270,283.78 for our client, paid into a special needs trust for her child.

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