August 30, 2023

$100K Car Accident Settlement After Sunset Hills Collision Resulted in Neck Injury

This case required patience and diligent maneuvering against the uninsured motorist carrier, and Brown and Crouppen delivered.  The accident occurred quite close to our Kirkwood office so many of us know how dangerous this intersection can be.  On 5/21/22, our client was driving southbound on Lindbergh Blvd. and entered the left turn lane in order to proceed eastbound on I-44.  When the client’s light changed from red to a green arrow, she began her left turn.  The uninsured motorist, driving northbound on Lindbergh Blvd., ran a red light and collided into the client’s car.  Subsequently, the client’s car spun to the left and struck a concrete light standard.  

We overcame an initial liability issue considering the police report put both motorists at fault.  Our client sustained significant bruising from the airbags, along with a neck injury (C5-6 disc herniation).  Upon chiropractic and orthopedic treatment, our orthopedic surgeon recommended an anterior discectomy and fusion.  Upon submitting our demand for the policy limits, we cooperated with the insurance company’s demand for an independent medical exam (IME).  The client endured five months of waiting for an offer, considering the scheduling of the exam, the doctor’s request for the MRI on disc, the MRI provider not being compliant with the request for the disc, the client having to get the disc herself, the adjuster getting the disc to the doctor, and then waiting for the doctor’s report.  Our client’s patience and cooperation was rewarded with a $100K policy limits settlement offer.  Another positive outcome of this case is that the client’s health insurance did not seek subrogation.  As a result of the settlement, our client will net approximately $53K and is thrilled with the outcome.

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