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This page has been written, edited, and reviewed by a team of legal writers following our comprehensive editorial guidelines. This page was approved by Founding Partner, Terry Crouppen who has more than 40 years of legal experience as a personal injury attorney. Our last modified date shows when this page was last reviewed.

This page has been written, edited, and reviewed by a team of legal writers following our comprehensive editorial guidelines. This page was approved by Founding Partner, Terry Crouppen who has more than 40 years of legal experience as a personal injury attorney. Our last modified date shows when this page was last reviewed.

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are common symptoms of nursing home neglect and can lead to serious health problems. They often stem from inadequate care and attention and are often a sign of broader issues within nursing home facilities. If your loved one has suffered from bedsores due to nursing home neglect, an experienced St. Louis bedsore lawyer at our leading St. Louis personal injury law firm can help.

Our lawyers recognize the serious consequences of these injuries and the vulnerability of nursing home residents. We offer comprehensive support when filing your claim and can guide you through every step of the process. Call us at (314) 501-9510 or contact us online to arrange your free consultation with our St. Louis bedsore attorneys.

We Can Handle Your St. Louis Nursing Home Bedsore Case

Our St. Louis bedsores law firm is experienced in handling nursing home abuse cases. Our legal team possesses a deep understanding of the challenges that victims face when confronting nursing home neglect. This experience, combined with our compassionate approach, sets us apart as leading advocates for those who have suffered from bedsores due to inadequate nursing home care.

Our Legal Experience and Accolades

The settlements and verdicts we have achieved total over $1 billion and show that we have what it takes to secure life-changing results. Some of our notable awards and accolades include:

  • Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars 
  • “Top 100 Personal Injury Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers
  • “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by The National Trial Lawyers
  • “Best Rainmaker” and “Best Litigator” by the Missouri Lawyers Media Readers 

Brown & Crouppen is also deeply committed to local and national charitable causes, reflecting our commitment to our community. We are involved with groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Food Outreach, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, PrideFest, and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

We have more than 250 highly knowledgeable and compassionate legal professionals, each skilled in various aspects of personal injury law. This allows us to provide comprehensive support on even the most niche legal issues.

"Every client that comes to us, whether it's for a nursing home case or something else, they do it because they feel powerless. And they should feel powerless because the truth is . . . without a good lawyer on their side, they are powerless. There's really nothing they can do on their own that's going to scare a giant corporation or an insurance company. But when they hire a lawyer, and Brown & Crouppen gets involved, that is what takes away the powerless feeling because you know what we have? We have power—because we know their game, we know the tricks. We have the ability to file a lawsuit if we have to. We have the ability to persuade a jury if we have to. But that is where the power comes from. That's all of the leverage. And, of course, the hope is that you put so much leverage on them that they crack, and they pay something that we say is a reasonable amount. And if they're not willing to, we'll make sure that a jury awards a reasonable amount."

Brown & Crouppen Law Firm's Case Results

Our nursing home bedsore lawyers have a proven track record of securing substantial settlements for our clients, demonstrating our commitment to achieving justice for victims of nursing home neglect. Our results speak to our impressive experience and dedication to each case, helping our clients receive the full compensation they deserve.

Here are a few examples of the high-value case results we’ve achieved:

  • $1 Million Wrongful Death Settlement – Our client’s mother suffered burns in an altercation at the care facility, which resulted in hospitalization and eventual death.
  • $500,000 Wrongful Death Settlement – Our client’s mother experienced negligent care by facility staff, which caused severe injuries due to Stage 4 Bedsores. Life support was terminated as a result.
  • $200,000 Neglect Settlement – A nursing home facility failed to treat a bed bug infestation, which resulted in our client suffering significant discomfort and injuries.

Establishing Liability for Nursing Home Bedsores

The guidance of an experienced bedsore lawyer is indispensable when dealing with nursing home neglect. Our legal team understands how to handle these challenging cases to establish liability and advocate for justice and fair compensation.

Proving medical negligence in a bedsore lawsuit is critical. The process involves demonstrating that the provided care fell below acceptable standards, directly leading to the bedsores. This often requires thorough investigation and expert testimony to establish medical negligence due to a violation of the minimum standard of care.

  • The Standard of Care – Nursing homes must adhere to clear standards outlined in Missouri’s nursing home regulations. Failure to meet these standards is a strong indicator of negligence.
  • Medical Malpractice Affidavit  – Before you can file a malpractice claim, Missouri law requires you to secure an affidavit from a medical professional asserting that the nursing home failed to meet the standard of care. This document is crucial and must be prepared by someone with a strong clinical understanding of bedsores.

Our legal team will leverage our firm’s extensive resources to gather evidence of negligence leading to bedsores, consult medical experts familiar with bedsores in nursing homes, and construct a compelling case on your behalf. We understand the strategies big insurance companies and nursing homes employ to evade accountability, and we are equipped to counter these tactics aggressively.

What Is the Missouri Statute of Limitations for Nursing Home Bedsore Claims?

Understanding the statute of limitations is an integral part of taking legal action for your loved one’s bedsores. The Missouri medical malpractice statute of limitations normally gives two years from the date the malpractice occurred to file a lawsuit. There are, however, a number of exceptions to this rule. Our St. Louis bedsore lawyers are well-versed in these laws and can help you file your claim within the required period.

How Common Are Bedsores in Nursing Homes?

Bedsores occur at an alarming frequency in nursing homes and can indicate neglect. One extensive review concluded that older people run a similar risk of developing bedsores in nursing homes as hospitalized patients. However, unlike many nursing homes, hospitals utilize a targeted approach to prevent bedsores.

Nursing home bedsore reporting may also be unreliable. Nursing homes may under report bedsores to protect their ratings and avoid penalties. This lack of transparency can mislead families about nursing home quality of care and hinder regulatory and legal accountability.

How Serious Are Bedsores in Nursing Homes?

Bedsores can be indicators of serious underlying problems in patient care. When left untreated, they can lead to severe complications, including sepsis and wrongful death. Understanding the stages of bedsores can help:

  • Stage 1 – The skin is not broken but is red and does not change color when pressed.
  • Stage 2 – There is partial skin loss in the topmost layers.
  • Stage 3 – The sores extend into the tissue beneath the skin, forming a deep, crater-like ulcer.
  • Stage 4 – This is the most severe form, involving extensive loss of tissue and possibly exposing muscle or bone.

“When it comes to a nursing home case, it is essential that the entire family be involved . . . to get that case across the finish line. This can be challenging because, a lot of times, they’re embarrassed to call a lawyer about something that happened to their father or their mother in a nursing home. They feel personally responsible because they think, ‘Oh, I’m the one that put them there. I put them in harm's way.’

But people can’t think like that. You entrusted your loved one to somebody else’s care, and you have the right to expect top-level attention. For the jury to truly understand what a victim's damages mean, they need to hear from the family. The family needs to be able to say, ‘This is what my mother was able to do before this neglect, and now she’s a shell of herself—and it’s because of the negligence of the people who were hired and paid handsomely to take care of her.’ Family involvement is key.”

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Bedsores in St. Louis nursing homes may be a greater danger than many people realize. If you or your loved one is suffering from bedsores due to nursing home neglect, taking legal action before time runs out is critical.

The St. Louis nursing home abuse lawyers at Brown & Crouppen understand the urgency of these cases. We are committed to providing top-tier legal advocacy to help your loved ones recover their due compensation.

The earlier you act, the more effectively we can build a strong case on your behalf. Reach out today to arrange a free, confidential consultation with our St. Louis bedsore lawyers. Call (314) 501-9510 or contact us online to learn about your legal rights and options.

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