Have you experienced the sudden and tragic death of a family member in a fatal accident in St. Louis, Missouri? You could be entitled to compensation for the financial losses and trauma you have experienced, and the St. Louis wrongful death lawyers at Brown & Crouppen can help you fight to maximize your recovery.

Since 1979, we have been a source of support and guidance for grieving families in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. We are award-winning Missouri trial attorneys with a demonstrated ability to achieve top results for our clients time and again. In fact, we have successfully obtained over $1 billion in settlements and verdicts on their behalf.

Now it is your turn to get the help you deserve. Get started with a wrongful death lawsuit by calling (314) 501-9510 or requesting a free case evaluation online. Our accident and injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no upfront costs or legal fees – we only get paid if you win.

How can Brown & Crouppen help if I have lost a family member in a fatal accident in St. Louis?

You know that your family member’s death was entirely avoidable, but how do you prove it? How can you know who is at fault? What money can you get for your losses? What happens when at-fault parties or an insurance company pushes back and refuses to take responsibility?

You should be able to focus on grieving your devastating loss without having to figure out the answers to these (and other) important questions. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these difficult days on your own. 

Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers are here to help. When you trust our top-rated St. Louis personal injury law firm with your case, you will have the opportunity to focus on moving forward while we:

  • Take care of your wrongful death action from start to finish
  • Investigate the incident that led to your loved one’s untimely death
  • Determine how it happened, why, and who is at fault
  • Seek compensation from all liable parties
  • Defend against allegations that your family member contributed to their fatal accident
  • Handle negotiations with the insurance company and other parties
  • File a lawsuit and prepare to bring your wrongful death case to a jury in St. Louis if you are not offered a reasonable settlement

At Brown & Crouppen Law Firm, we strive to make a genuine difference in the lives of the clients we represent. While money won’t bring your family member back, we know that a financial award can make life a little easier in the weeks, months, and years to come. We will do everything in our power to get you the results you deserve.

Our Wrongful Death Case Results

Your choice of attorney could be the difference between a nominal payout and a life-changing monetary award. You don’t need just any wrongful death attorney; you need the best wrongful death lawyer for your case.

At Brown & Crouppen, our personal injury attorneys in Missouri have won millions of dollars on behalf of grieving families across the state—including multiple six-and-seven-figure results. Some of our notable wrongful death case results include:

Benefit from our extensive experience handling wrongful death litigation, our network of trusted experts and specialists, and the passion we have to help families like yours work through these incredibly difficult times. Call our law office in St. Louis, Missouri, for a free consultation today.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

What is considered wrongful death in St. Louis, Missouri?

Wrongful death, as defined by Missouri state law, is a death that occurs as a result of a person’s conduct, occurrence, transaction, or circumstance that would have allowed the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit if they had survived.

In other words, wrongful death is the avoidable death of a person, typically caused by negligence, recklessness, or intentionally harmful or criminal actions. The right to file a lawsuit to recover compensation from the negligent party shifts to surviving family members in the event of a loved one’s death.

Who can sue for wrongful death in Missouri?

In Missouri, surviving spouses, children, and grandchildren are given priority when it comes to filing wrongful death actions.

If the victim had no spouse, child, or grandchild, then the right extends to surviving siblings. If the victim had no living siblings, then the personal representative of the victim’s estate can file a claim. The personal representative will either be named in the victim’s will or appointed by the court.

We Represent Clients in All Types of Wrongful Death Cases in St. Louis

All too often, families are forced to grieve the unexpected loss of a family member due to an act of negligence. At Brown & Crouppen, our St. Louis wrongful death attorneys are here to help pick up the pieces and demand financial justice after tragic accidents turn families’ lives upside down. We represent wrongful death cases involving:

Please contact our compassionate legal team if you have recently lost a family member in an avoidable accident or because of an intentional act of harm, like assault or another criminal act. Our St. Louis wrongful death attorneys will listen to your story, explain potential legal options, and determine the best steps forward.

What is the deadline to file a wrongful death lawsuit in St. Louis, Missouri?

Unlike other types of personal injury cases in Missouri, wrongful death lawsuits are subject to an accelerated timetable. You have just three years to file a wrongful death action. Note that the clock begins to run on the date of death, which might be different from the date of the accident that inflicted your loved one’s fatal injuries.

Don’t let those responsible for your grief and suffering off the hook. Make sure your wrongful death claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires. Call our St. Louis wrongful death attorneys as soon as possible for help.

What is my wrongful death accident case worth?

How do you put a price on the loss you have experienced? In truth, valuing a wrongful death can be complicated. Many factors are relevant in determining how much money your wrongful death lawsuit might be worth:

  • The victim’s age at the time of their death
  • The victim’s life expectancy before the accident
  • The victim’s job, career path, and earning capacity before death
  • The type of relationship the victim had with the surviving beneficiaries 

If the victim survived their injuries for some time, their pain, suffering, and monetary losses could also add value to the wrongful death case. But ultimately, Missouri law provides the jury with discretion to award damages that are “fair and just for the death and loss.” 

What kind of damages can be awarded in Missouri wrongful death cases?

In Missouri, family members are entitled to seek certain economic and non-economic damages in a wrongful death action. However, unlike other types of personal injury matters, there are limitations on what types of damages can be awarded. You can potentially receive compensation for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical expenses incurred before death
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of companionship, comfort, instruction, guidance, counsel, training, and support
  • Income, wages, and benefits your family member would have earned and contributed to the family, had they survived

If your loved one was more than 50 percent responsible for taking care of children or disabled family members, you can receive damages for the loss of their contribution. Missouri state law provides that the value of their caretaking services is 110 percent of the state average weekly wage.

Damages for your emotional distress and grief cannot be awarded in Missouri wrongful death actions; however, if your family member survived their accident for a time before their death, you could receive compensation for the pain and suffering they experienced.

Does Missouri cap damages in wrongful death cases?

Generally speaking, Missouri does not have a cap on damages in wrongful death cases, with one exception: those involving medical negligence.

In 2015, the Missouri legislature signed Senate Bill 239 into law, which places caps on non-economic damages in all medical malpractice cases, including those resulting in wrongful death.

What happens if my family member is blamed for their fatal accident in St. Louis?

It is important to defend against these allegations because they could limit how much money you can recover in your wrongful death lawsuit. Missouri has pure comparative fault rules, which means that damages are directly reduced based on the degree of fault.

If your family member is assigned 50 percent of the blame for their fatal accident, then your financial recovery will be reduced by half.

Insurance companies love to blame the victim. After all, the more fault that is shifted to your family, the less they will have to pay if you win your case. 

Your loved one isn’t around to tell their side of the story or defend themselves, but Brown & Crouppen is prepared to give them a voice. We will carefully evaluate evidence and work to uncover the truth to guarantee that fault is assigned appropriately.

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