February 2, 2022

$200,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement in Kansas City

Tom Davis settled a case for a client who was on a motorcycle and rear-ended another driver for the $100,000 in BI policy limits and the additional $100,000 in UIM limits, which was all the insurance that was available. According to the police report, the client was driving too fast and rear-ended the other driver, but the other driver was slowing down and looking for a house.

Tom did a 90-day demand to the other driver’s insurance company and argued that since the other driver was distracted and driving erratically, even if client had some or most of the fault, his injuries and damages were so severe (he suffered severe tibial and fibular fractures requiring more than one surgery and hardware installation and with close to $300,000 in billed medical) that even if he received the majority of fault, his damages were bad enough that any apportioned jury verdict for him would still exceed the available insurance. Tom made the same argument to the client’s UIM carrier and both insurance companies ended up paying their $100,000 policy limits.

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