The happiest day of a parent’s life may quickly turn tragic if proper medical steps are not taken by doctors and medical staff during birth.

Around 30,000 births in the United States (0.5% to 1.5% of all U.S. births) per year are marred by what is known as shoulder dystocia, a condition which may cause serious problems for the baby, such as:

  • lack of oxygen to the body (asphyxia), which can lead to brain injury or death
  • damage to the nerves which provide feeling to the arm, hand, and shoulder
  • arm or collarbone fractures

This condition does not just affect the child; it is often accompanied by heavy bleeding, tearing, or uterine rupture in the mother.

What is Shoulder Dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia is a condition caused when the baby’s shoulder becomes trapped by the mother’s pelvis during labor. Certain risk factors make particular women more susceptible to shoulder dystocia, and the condition is not always preventable. 

Timely recognition of complications and proper treatment from medical staff often allows these babies to be born safely, including the use of:

  • the McRoberts Maneuver, when the thighs are pressed against the belly
  • turning the baby during the birthing process
  • birthing on your hands and knees
  • episiotomies
  • C-sections

Doctor Error and Medical Malpractice

Injury or death can occur when these methods are neglected or delayed in favor of trying to extract the baby by force. Shoulder dystocia can also be caused by the improper use of forceps and vacuums, or the failure of medical staff to properly monitor the status of the child during birth. 

Not every shoulder dystocia is caused by substandard care or malpractice, but it must be considered and ruled out when a child suffers this form of birth trauma.

We Stand Up for Families Affected by Birth Injuries

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A serious birth injury is devastating to both the child and their parents. Your family may feel alone and confused by the legal process. The attorneys of Brown & Crouppen are here to help. We have experience in cases involving birth injuries, including shoulder dystocia. At Brown & Crouppen, we fight for the rights of families like you every day.

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