Our goal is to help everyone who calls us, but not every case is a good fit for our experience. We have a selection of resources to help you learn how to find a lawyer, utilize small claims court, amend police reports, report property damage, work with the Board of Healing Arts, and access essential resources.

Legal Services

If you cannot afford an attorney, these resources offer free legal help on non-criminal cases for low-income and elderly individuals in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

Small Claims Court

Small claims courts are designed to allow a person to have their day in court without the time and monetary implications that come with traditional litigation. Within small claims courts, there are limitations on the total monetary value allowed, and these vary by state.

Board of Healing Arts

The Board of Healing Arts processes applications, issues licenses, investigates complaints of misconduct, and, when warranted, has the authority to discipline practitioners. It is important to note that this organization is only for filing complaints and enforcing regulations. Individuals will not be awarded money for filing complaints.

Amending Police Reports

Police reports are often useful in insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. If you believe a mistake has been made on a police report, you can use this guide to amend those errors.

Property Damage Claims

What should you do if your car is damaged in an accident? Use this step-by-step guide to understand the proper next steps, from taking photos and filing an insurance claim to arranging for repairs.

Essential Services

The following directories list resources and services by geographic area. Find important information about housing, food programs, healthcare, utilities, and other essential services. Looking at an agency’s website will provide more information about the organization before you call or visit.

Elder Abuse

Sadly, elder abuse is not uncommon and not all instances meet the legal requirements for a cause-of-action in civil court. Learn more about the forms of mistreatment and organizations that can help if you don’t have a civil case.

Medical Malpractice

The law regarding medical care does not require perfection by those in the medical field, making these cases challenging or even impossible to win. See examples of medical malpractice claims and the evidence needed to support them.

Victim’s Compensation Fund and Restitution

Victims of violent crimes or negligence sometimes have cases that are not actionable for a claim in court, but there are still systems to help recover the losses they incur. Get the essential details on restitution and restitution funds.

Paralegals & Law

Many cases are handled with the help of legal assistants and paralegals to help document and organize case files. Learn more about the role of paralegals and your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our attorneys and paralegals have answered many questions over the years. If you or a loved one has been recently involved in an accident, it’s likely you have many questions regarding your potential case. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for quick answers to common questions.

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