Not every accident is avoidable. What is avoidable are the injuries that can result from airbags that do not deploy or deploy too late after a collision. If you have suffered from severe injuries following an accident with faulty airbags, you may be entitled to make a claim and/or join a product liability case against those who manufactured, distributed, or sold the airbags.

What Kinds of Airbag Defects Does This Case Cover?

  • Improper Airbag Deployment: When an airbag deploys without warning while a driver is entering the car or on the road, serious injuries can occur. Far from protecting passengers during an accident, improper airbag deployment can, in fact, be the cause of a life-threatening accident. 
  • Overly Aggressive Airbags: An airbag that deploys too fast or too far into the car can cause head injuries, brain damage, or even decapitation.
  • Oversized Airbags: An airbag too big for the car can deploy and cause similar injuries to those of the “Overly Aggressive” airbag.
  • Untethered Airbags: When an airbag breaks loose from its constraints, the occupants of the vehicle risk injury.
  • Low Deployment Threshold Airbags: Airbags that deploy in low-speed crashes can, in fact, cause injuries to occupants who otherwise may have been largely unharmed. 
  • System Malfunctions: When defective sensors or electrical systems cause an airbag to either deploy at an inopportune time or not at all, injury can occur. 
  • Failure to Deploy: An airbag that fails to deploy during an accident can contribute to more severe injuries.
  • Late Deployment: Airbags that deploy too late after an accident do not protect the occupants and can, in fact, cause new injuries.

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