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Get a Legal TEAM, not just a lawyer.

Almost 300 people: That is how many individuals are working for you and the success of your case at our firm. I stay at my Brown & Crouppen home because of the benefits associated with being at the largest Plaintiffs’ firm in all of Missouri and one of the largest in all the Midwest.

And what are these benefits? Well, at B&C, our livelihood does not depend on one case or how much we spend on one case. This important detail empowers our lawyers give clients advice solely based on what is best for them and their case. Other firms’ decisions on cases can be limited simply by what they can and cannot afford to do. For us, it is not about how much our lawyers can make or if we must take a case to sustain our business. It is always about what is right for the client.

Another key benefit, and perhaps the one with the largest impact, is you not only have your attorney working hard for you, but you also have an entire legal team. Each person is specialized in their role in your case and brings all of their experience, contacts and know-how to obtain the very best result for you!

This is an advantage that few other firms can provide. At a traditional firm, one or two people must do numerous jobs at once, diminishing their ability to specialize in their roles and form meaningful relationships with third parties they encounter. At Brown and Crouppen, each of your team members focus on doing their very best for you within their role and without distraction!

With that said, meet some of your legal team and what they offer to your case:

  • Attorney: Your attorney is here to discuss the merits of your matter, legal strategy, settlement and trial value. Your attorney will analyze your medical records, losses and pain and suffering to help arrive at a conclusion of what full justice would mean for you. No two cases are the same, but your attorney has the legal experience and benefit of often thousands of cases to help guide and get you through what can be a complicated and difficult process.
  • Paralegal: Your paralegal will be your primary point of contact and the person you will likely hear from the most. Your paralegal handles everything from getting medical treatment updates, helping you with medical payments coverage -usually fee free- to setting up meetings with your attorney. The paralegal also files pleadings and motions with the court, assists clients in completing the discovery process of a case and organizes your file so everything is accounted for and easily found.
  • Legal Assistant: Your Legal Assistant is a jack of all trades! Everything from ordering police reports, mailing and receiving correspondence and preparing exhibits is included in their job description.
  • Medical Paralegal: This paralegal usually has special medical training such as being a nurse in addition to being a paralegal. They analyze your medical records, research diagnosis and prognosis in medical literature, create chronologies of your treatment and help explain complex medical issues in your treatment so that your attorney can plainly explain your losses to a jury or insurance adjuster.
  • Medical Care Coordinator: This person keeps track of every single one of your injuries. It is the sole focus of their job, and ensures you are on a proper treatment plan for all injuries until you report they are resolved or your doctor releases you.
  • Billing/Medicare Specialist: These team members specialize in negotiating with medical care providers, collection companies, Medicare and Medicaid. These are complex areas to navigate so having someone knowledgeable on the process and the people involved is priceless. Their work can make the difference in what will be due and what you may owe in medical bills.
  • Property Damage Specialist: Most clients handle property damage in a crash without an attorney. At Brown and Crouppen, our Property Damage Specialist’s only task is to assist our clients with this process if the client desires the assistance. The best part? We do not take a fee for this service.

The best part is that this list of trained professionals is only the beginning. Brown and Crouppen is the largest Missouri Plaintiffs’ Firm because of our client-first approach. Doing what is right for our clients before our own interest has allowed us to build solid teams of legal professionals who will bring your case the very best of success and full justice you deserve.

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