April 11, 2022

$100,000 Car Accident Settlement – Concussion

Our client suffered injuries after a car crash the day before Christmas in 2017.  She was treated for two and a half years for a severe concussion, and was forced to drop out of beauty school because she missed too many classes due to her injuries. She was also unable to work in her position as a truck driver for the duration of her treatment. Despite compensation from short and long term disability, her total wage loss still exceeded $150,000.00. 

We were able to easily secure the $50,000 policy limits from the at fault driver, but when it came to obtaining the additional $50,000 available in her UIM funds, it was a different story.  Her UIM carrier’s initial offer was $1,000, arguing that the client had pre-existing migraines that were the cause of her concussion symptoms.  The carrier asked for various prior medical records, which we in turn collected and submitted.  He also asked for wage loss documentation which we had already sent.  Upon review of the new medical records and the duplicate wage loss documentation, the carrier tendered the full $50,000.

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