June 14, 2024

$250K Auto Accident Settlement After Rear-end Collision Resulted in Disc Herniation

Amanda Sher and her team secured a policy limits settlement offer of $250,000 for injuries sustained by a client in a 2021 rear-end collision in Cass County. This case, which initially involved minor property damage, eventually became a much larger case after the client sought treatment from a chiropractor for lower back pain. After several months without improvement, the client then consulted an orthopedist who recommended physical therapy and an MRI. The MRI revealed an L4-L5 disc herniation. Initially, the client’s pain subsided, and she was discharged by the orthopedist. The legal team at Brown & Crouppen began collecting medical records, but the client’s pain returned after a day of housework. The client revisited the orthopedist and received two lumbar epidural steroid injections, which provided temporary relief. When the pain returned within a month, she underwent a medial branch block followed by an ablation. After the client was discharged a third time, the pain returned and was then managed with medication. Two and a half years after the accident, the client was discharged for the fourth and final time. Overwhelmed with gratitude upon learning about the policy limits offer, the client was very thankful for our unwavering support throughout the treatment journey.

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