April 14, 2023

$279K Workers’ Comp Verdict After Worker Suffers Back Injury in St. Louis

We settled a 2013 claim that originally came to us as a relatively minor back injury that was originally valued to be worth about $22,000. At the beginning of our client’s recovery, the conservative treatment the insurer offered did not relieve symptoms. Our attorneys demanded additional medical treatment, which was later denied. Ultimately, we successfully tried the claim for surgical treatment, and the client went on to have multiple surgeries over the course of several years. This led to a permanent total disability (TPD) settlement of $279,000.00 plus a $27,500 Medicare set aside (MSA). Additionally, the insurer paid $364,000 in medical bills and more than $81,000 in temporary total disability (TTD) benefits for a total indemnity of over $750,000.

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