July 14, 2023

$500K Car Accident Settlement After High Speed Collision in Lee’s Summit

Our client was driving on the interstate where they were rear ended at a high speed, causing her vehicle to travel off the roadway and strike a concrete barrier. The vehicle became airborne, overturned, and later came to a rest on the driver’s side. Following the accident, the client had to be extricated by emergency crews and was hospitalized for 5 days following the wreck. The client suffered a compression deformity of L2 and was admitted to an inpatient residential care facility. After the accident and associated injuries, the client suffered from debilitating anxiety and sought counseling because of the collision. The client also went on to attend physical therapy and fusion surgery was discussed, but ultimately not performed.

At mediation, opposing counsel offered $175,000 before they walked out and stopped negotiations. We were preparing to file suit when opposing counsel reached back out to us with a new offer wanting to re-open negotiations. We were firm on our amount to resolve, and opposing counsel eventually agreed to $500,000. The client is very happy and will walk away with approximately $250,000.

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