April 13, 2023

$92K Workers’ Comp Settlement After Shoulder Injury in Jefferson County

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm settled a 2017 claim that originally came to the firm after the insurer had made a 20% disability offer for an operated shoulder. The client continued to have severe ongoing symptoms and was not ready to settle. Our legal team made a demand for additional treatment which was later denied. Our legal team set the claim for trial, and the judge suggested a court-ordered third opinion just before the trial date. This  was ultimately favorable to our claim and resulted in the client receiving reverse total shoulder surgery. We were able to settle the claim for $92,000.00 permanent partial disability, and 75 weeks of disputed back temporary total disability (TTD). Additionally, the insurer paid $98,000 in medical bills and a total of $128,000.00 in TTD benefits. Total indemnity: $318,000.00

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