Buses provide essential transportation for thousands of people every day, especially school children, yet the accidents they cause can have catastrophic results for their passengers. School bus accidents result in emergency room visits by 17,000 children each year in the United States. On average, 19 children die each year as a result of school bus-related accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, request a free case evaluation from a lawyer at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm.

While school buses and transit buses travel at low speeds, their large size poses a threat to other cars that share the road – and to their precious passengers. Seat belts are not required in buses in Missouri, Illinois, or Kansas. When accidents occur, medical bills, property damage, and even legal fees can add up quickly.

When it comes to getting the compensation you or your loved ones deserve, you might not know where to start — and the insurance company won’t help. That’s why we offer a free case evaluation: We’ll tell you honestly whether your personal injury claim is worth pursuing, and if so, what steps we will take to win.

The Brown & Crouppen Advantage – Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers on Your Side

Brown & Crouppen bus accident attorneys understand the complexities of bus accident cases. When you contact us to talk about your school bus or transit bus accident, our experienced team will handle everything.

Our experienced personal injury team understands the common causes of school and transit bus accidents, including:

  • driver negligence
  • dangerous roadways
  • weather conditions
  • defective products
  • improper maintenance

These accidents may lead to death or serious physical injury, including:

  • head injuries
  • burn injuries
  • brain and spinal cord injuries
  • fractured bones
  • cuts and bruising
  • amputations
  • internal injuries

Sometimes the driver of the school or metro transit bus is at fault for the accident. Sometimes the driver of another vehicle is responsible. The experienced attorneys at Brown & Crouppen can gather and investigate the evidence to provide legal advice on your bus accident case.

It all Starts with A Free Case Evaluation from the Personal Injury Team at Brown & Crouppen

Our bus accident law firm is one of the highest rated law firms in the Midwest. At Brown & Crouppen, all of our bus accident attorneys share the same goal – to get justice for people who have been injured. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a bus accident, get help from a lawyer at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm. Getting started with your bus accident case is easy. You can call us at 888-802-8156 for a free consultation, or tell us about your case with our free case evaluation form. And remember, there’s no upfront cost to you — if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

We are proud to be top bus accident lawyers in:

At Brown & Crouppen, our attorneys provide legal representation for all bus accident cases including those that occurred from speeding, distracted driving, and forms of negligence. Call our law firm to tell us about the accident and find out if you have a case.

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