If you are suffering from an illness or injury that has left you unable to work or if you are completely disabled, you may be eligible to receive monthly Social Security disability benefits. Getting those benefits can be difficult. At the law firm of Brown & Crouppen, we understand how important those benefits can be to you and your loved ones — we also know that an initial denial is not the end of the road.

Put Our Social Security Disability Experience to Work for You

The attorneys at the law office of Brown & Crouppen have extensive experience with disability cases like yours. They understand the application process and have represented hundreds of cases before administrative law judges (ALJ) in federal court. We can work with you to gather the necessary medical evidence (such as medical records), work history, and other documentation needed to help you at every hearing level in the application and appeals process.

Whether you need assistance with your initial application or have already been denied benefits and need to prepare for reconsideration, our Social Security disability attorneys want to help you navigate the complex Social Security disability claims process. It’s easy to get started with a free consultation.

The Social Security Administration Is Not on Your Side

The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies benefits to a significant portion of first-time applicants and often terminates existing benefit payments. Statistics prove that people with lawyers are more likely to win their cases than those who go it alone.

Almost all of the cases we take are disability claims that have been turned down by people who didn’t have Social Security disability attorneys. The SSA is not on your side. Their job is to represent the system, not you. At Brown & Crouppen, we are here to get you the Social Security benefits you deserve. Our team includes some of the Midwest’s most experienced Social Security lawyers to handle the intricacies of your individual SSD claim.

Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

We start by reviewing your situation to determine whether or not you are eligible for Social Security benefits. SSD benefits are for people who have worked and paid into Social Security, then later become disabled. To be considered disabled, you must prove that:

  • You cannot do any type of work for which you are suited because of a medical condition, and
  • Your condition is expected to last for at least one year or is terminal.

If you are disabled, but you do not have enough work history to qualify for SSD benefits, you may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, another Social Security Administration program.

Timing Is Crucial

If your Social Security benefits have been denied, reduced, terminated, or the SSA notifies you of any other actions against you, you must immediately file for “reconsideration.” You have only 60 days to file an appeal. If you appeal within ten days of being notified of a disability benefit action, you may be able to continue receiving payments while you appeal the decision. Continue your medical care and keep documentation; they are important to support your claim.

Whether you need assistance with your initial application or have already been denied SSD or SSI benefits and need to prepare for reconsideration, our attorneys want to help you navigate the complex Social Security disability claims and appeals process. Call today for a free case evaluation.

Get the Care and Help You Need with Your Social Security Disability Case

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time throughout Missouri, Illinois, and across the United States. For more than 40 years, the personal injury lawyers at Brown & Crouppen have been helping accident and disability victims get the justice they deserve. We have a team of attorneys that handle workers’ compensation and Social Security disability cases.

You are not alone. Workers’ compensation and personal injury settlements are often not enough when you have a long-term disability as a result of your injury. That’s why SSD and SSI are such an important benefit. You paid into the system, and we want to help you pursue the SSD and SSI benefits you deserve.

 We know that the application and appeals process can be overwhelming. Appearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) or appeals council can be scary.  Let us help you get the legal advice you need. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you with legal representation for their personal injury and Social Security disability cases. Watch some of their testimonials below and give us a call.

It all Starts with A Free Case Evaluation from the Social Security Disability Lawyers at Brown & Crouppen

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