Brown & Crouppen Voted Best Law Firm in St. Louis

The readers of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch voted Brown & Crouppen as Best Law Firm and Jennifer Mocabee as Best Attorney for 2022. Both were also recipients of the Hartford All-Star Award for receiving the most votes in their categories. Our law firm works hard to help injured St. Louisans, and winning these four awards assures us that we are making a difference.

Brown & Crouppen and Jennifer Mocabee are humbled and honored to have been recognized by the people of St. Louis. Our law firm was named Best Law Firm in the STL Headliner Awards and earned the Hartford All-Star Award for receiving the highest number of votes in the Services category.

Jennifer was named Best Attorney in the STL Headliner Awards and earned the Hartford All-Star Award for receiving the highest number of votes in the People category. Jennifer is a dedicated attorney, and we are not surprised the people of St. Louis have noticed her commitment to our clients.

terry crouppen and Jennifer Mocabee holding best lawyer and best law firm awards

Why is Brown & Crouppen the people’s choice?

We cannot know with certainty why the good people of St. Louis chose Brown & Crouppen from the large selection of outstanding law firms in St. Louis, but we believe our firm stands out as a result of its commitment to people.

A Full-Service Personal Injury Law Firm

Our personal injury law firm accepts a myriad of case types with the goal of not turning anyone away. If we cannot represent you, we will refer you to a legal professional who is not only able to accept your case but will approach it with the skill and diligence you need.

Our firm handles the following cases:

Our clients count on us to fight vigorously for them when their injury prevents them from advocating for themselves. We treat them like family.

A Law Firm That Cares

Our law firm cares about the people of St. Louis. We demonstrate this by supporting local charities through volunteerism and financial giving. Among the many charities we support are the following: 

  • Arch City Defenders
  • Autism Speaks
  • Gateway 180 Housing & Homeless Shelter
  • The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
  • The Humane Society of Missouri

A Connected Law Firm

Our attorneys are accessible, whether you are a client with a question about your case or a member of the community. If we are not volunteering for a worthy cause, we may be sampling some of St. Louis’ most delicious sandwiches live on our YouTube feature called “3 Lawyers Eating Sandwiches.”

St. Louis’ Best Attorney Jennifer Mocabee

Jennifer Mocabee is a personal injury attorney at Brown & Crouppen who prioritizes the needs of her clients. For Jennifer, a client is more than just a file. Her clients are hurting people who look to her for advocacy, support, and skillful representation.

When Jennifer accepts a case, she goes out of her way to communicate daily with the client on a human-to-human level rather than merely lawyer-to-client. She refuses to give up until she has found a solution and done everything she can to improve the lives of her clients.

She says, “I would describe myself as a fighter. I love to do discovery and to really investigate a case, as well as the opposing side, and dive in and really give it my whole heart.”

Jennifer Mocabee holding best lawyer awards

About the STL Headliners Program

The STL Headliners program is an annual reader’s choice program managed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch whereby local businesses are nominated as the best service providers in 150 categories. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch facilitates two voting processes: one to narrow down the nominees to five finalists in each category, and a second vote to choose the winners. This means Brown & Crouppen and Jennifer Mocabee survived two voting processes and came out on top. 

“We work hard to be the very best for you, St. Louis, and we’ll never forget you telling us that we did it. Thank you, and we love you too,” says Founding Partner Terry Crouppen.

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