If you have been injured in a bus accident in the Kansas City area, the personal injury lawyers at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our bus accident lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning there is no upfront cost to you — if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Since 1979, we’ve helped those who have suffered from serious bus accident injuries obtain compensation, and we’ve helped our clients obtain over $1 billion in compensation as a result of verdicts and settlements, including those that involve business accidents. Our bus accident attorneys help those who have been injured pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other compensatory damages.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bus accident, call (816) 670-4701 to request a free case evaluation from our Kansas City personal injury lawyers. With a team of over 250 legal professionals and an extensive network of lawyers, we provide the best legal representation for bus accident claims.

Get The Compensation You Deserve For Your Kansas City Bus Accident Claim

Due to the size of buses, bus accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. Our Kansas city bus accident lawyers can help you build a strong bus accident case to pursue compensation for damages, which includes the following:

  • Pain & Suffering
  • Property Damage & Loss
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Income
  • Wrongful Death

At Brown & Crouppen Law Firm, our Kansas City auto accident attorneys have strong track record for negotiating claims with insurance companies to get the desired level of compensation. In cases where the insurance company is not cooperative in meeting the settlement demands, our trial attorneys are prepared to take the case to court to get the results you deserve.

Types of Bus Accident Cases Handled By Our Kansas City Bus Accident Attorneys

For bus accident cases, there are two types of cases:

  • School bus accidents: It’s unfortunate, but school bus accidents are a frequent occurrence. For cases involving school buses, claims filed on behalf of bus passengers and other victims are filed against the school district.
  • Public transportation or bus company: For a bus crash that involves privately owned bus companies such as Greyhound or public transportation companies, claims may be filed directly with their insurance company or your own insurance provider depending on the governing laws of the state where the accident occurred.

Legal Considerations for Bus Accidents That Occur in Kansas City

Bus accidents that occur in Kansas City may occur in each of the following areas:

  • Kansas City, Missouri: In a comparative fault state such as Missouri, damages are allocated based on fault. For example, if a bus driver was 100% at fault, the bus company’s insurance policy should (in theory) be liable to pay for 100% of the damages that occurred as a result of the accident. In cases where another driver was 90% at fault for the bus accident, the  insurance company would pay for 90% of the damages.
  • Kansas City, Kansas: In “no-fault” states such as Kansas, each driver’s own insurance provider is liable to pay for property damage and medical bills regardless of who was the cause of the bus accident. The insurance company for the at-fault bus driver only gets involved if the damages exceed certain thresholds. 

Additionally, the legal process may also be affected by the injuries that occurred and by the type of victims who were involved in the bus crash.

  • Possible bus accident victims: Bus crashes may involve bus passengers, motorcycles, pedestrians, bus company drivers, school bus drivers, and other car or truck drivers, all of which can impact the legal process.
  • Common bus accident injuries: Injuries from bus accidents often result in moderate or severe injuries, which can include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, burns, internal bruising or damage, and whiplash.

In states such as Missouri, the bus driver or their employer must have acted negligently in order for the plaintiff to have a strong case.

  • Common causes of bus accidents: Bus crashes may occur for a number of reasons,  including driver fatigue, distracted bus drivers, driver error, inexperienced drivers, driving under the influence (DUI), speeding / reckless driving, and mechanical failure due to improper bus maintenance.

Regardless of where the bus accident occurred, the injuries associated with the crash, or what may have caused the crash, a bus accident attorney can help those who were injured pursue compensation for damages.

Get Help From An Experienced Bus Accident Lawyer in Kansas City

If you or a loved one has suffered fatal or serious injuries as a result of a bus accident in Kansas City or surrounding areas (including Wyandotte and Jackson County), an experienced bus accident attorney such as those at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm can help you pursue compensation. Our lawyers can help you file a personal injury lawsuit, build a strong case, and obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Get started by requesting a free case evaluation by calling (816) 670-4701 or telling us about your case online.

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