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If you have been injured as a result of a workplace injury in the Kansas City area, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Brown & Crouppen can help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve. In Kansas and Missouri, workers who are injured on the job may be eligible to receive benefits and compensation through their employer’s insurance company, including disability benefits and coverage of medical bills.

Since 1979, our lawyers have helped our clients recover over $1 Billion in compensation as a result of settlements and verdicts, including workers’ compensation claims. We help workers who have been injured on the job obtain compensation for lost wages, medical care, partial or total disabilities, and other damages they may have suffered. If you or a loved one suffered injuries while on the job, request a free case evaluation. Our Kansas City law office can help you get answers to legal questions and build a strong claim. If you have been injured as a result of a workplace injury in the Kansas City area, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Brown & Crouppen can help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve. To get started with your worker’s compensation claim, call (816) 670-4701 to get started or find out if your have a case online.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers all of the following:

  • Medical care for the injury or illness
  • Replacement wages for lost income
  • Compensation for partial and permanent injuries
  • Benefits for surviving family members of deceased workers

At Brown & Crouppen of Kansas City, we’ll help you work with a workers’ compensation lawyer who understands the stress put on workers on family members due to medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses incurred due to workplace injuries.


In most states, any type of work-related injury qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits if workers are able to prove that the injury was caused by a workplace hazard or other work-related accident. Many injured workers choose to get help from a workers’ compensation attorney to help build a strong claim and ensure that they receive adequate compensation for their injuries.

Many workers’ compensation claims are made for the following types of injuries:

  • Injuries that occurred while on break at work
  • Diseases contracted by toxic exposure in the workplace
  • Injuries stemming from increased workload or stress
  • Injuries including burns caused by company equipment, machinery, or facilities
  • Injuries suffered while attending a work-related event or activity
  • Pre-existing medical conditions escalated by a workplace environment
  • Emergency personnel who suffered fatal injuries while working in the line of duty

If you or a loved one was injured on the job in the Kansas City area, our legal team is prepared to help. With over 250 legal professionals on staff and an extensive attorney network, Brown & Crouppen Law Firm is capable of providing unparalleled legal representation, support, and care. Our team is prepared to help you file for workers’ compensation benefits owed to you or pursue additional legal action with a wrongful death claim. We understand that these are difficult times for a family, but we also understand that it is vital for the family’s future to be looked after.

At Brown & Crouppen Law Firm, our attorneys represent all work-related injuries, including the following types of cases:


Medical Benefits – If you were injured at work, you are entitled to all medical care that is reasonably needed to help with the injury. Under Kansas law, your employer has the right to choose the physician who will treat your injuries. If you choose your own physician that is not agreed upon by your employer, your employer or their insurance company is only liable for up to $500 in medical bills. Those who travel for medical treatment are generally entitled to reimbursement.

Compensation – No compensation will be paid during the first week you’re off work unless your disability exists for 3 consecutive weeks, in which case the first week of compensation is paid retroactively. After the 1-week waiting period, the employer or their insurance company is required under Kansas workers’ compensation law to pay an injured employee 66.67% of the employee’s gross average weekly wage up to the amount of the maximum state benefits.


In Kansas, the Division of Workers’ Compensation in the Department of Labor handles workers’ compensation claims. For those injured in Kansas City, Missouri, the Division of Workers’ Compensation in the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) will handle the claim.

For those who have suffered a work-related injury, the following steps are essential to start the claims process and pursue benefits:

  • Report the injury to your employer – Notify your employer of your injuries in writing and maintain a high level of documentation.
  • Get medical care – Employers or their insurance company is required to provide medical treatment and cure to those who suffer from an on-the-job injury.
  • Complete a workers’ compensation claim form – Employers have no obligation to provide workers’ compensation unless a form has been completed and filed.
  • File your claim as soon as possible – The sooner your claim is filed, the sooner you may begin receiving benefits.

Claims may ultimately be denied, and problems can arise at any step of the process. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Kansas City help clients properly prepare and file a strong claim to obtain benefits.

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Tell your employer about your illness or injuries within 30 days. Individuals who wait longer than 30 days may risk losing their benefits due to no longer being covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

The average workers’ compensation settlement is approximately $22,500. However, this will vary due to wages and associated injuries. The compensation rate is typically equal to 2/3 (66.67%) of your weekly wages during the injured period.

Workers’ compensation cases often settle in as little as 6 months after medical treatment is complete. However, each case is unique, and how long your workers’ comp settlement will take can depend on a number of case factors.

Yes, workers’ compensation covers illnesses and occupational disease. For example, those who suffer from toxic exposure or suffer from lung disease, heart conditions, or even stress-related conditions may also be eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits.

It is unlawful for an employer to fire an employee solely for suffering a work-related injury.  If you’re an employee who was fired because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, you can fire a wrongful termination claim, and you can file a discrimination claim if your employer is treating you differently after your work injury or illness.

Yes, the injured employee and employer will have to mutually agree on a particular doctor. You may ask your employer for a list of in-network and approved physicians.

Yes, employers in Missouri and Kansas are required by law to pay for injury-related expenses such as medical bills and significant travel expenses for treatment.

If you have to take time to recover from your injury or illness, workers’ compensation benefits may include temporary disability benefits that supplement lost wages. This may vary depending on the injury and state. Not all individuals will be eligible.



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