August 10, 2021

$2,900,000 Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement

The personal injury attorneys at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm recovered a $2.9M settlement for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

After entering a boiler for routine maintenance near Texarkana, Arkansas, the client fell which resulted in injuries. The owner of the boiler set up the manner of ingress and egress.

While the client was about to descend a ladder to enter the boiler, the rigging securing the ladder broke and the client began to free fall. Before hitting the floor of the boiler, his self-retracting lanyard engaged which stopped his free fall, however, it caused him to swing head-first into the side of the boiler. Client was 55 at the time the case was resolved. He and his wife are very happy with the result as it provides financial security for them,  and allows him to continue with therapy for his injuries going forward.

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