$637,500 Slip & Fall Settlement After Apartment Complex Negligence

In late September 2021, Stephen Bishop took on a challenging case involving a client who had suffered from a work-related back disability since 1995. Despite continuous back pain and multiple surgeries, the client managed life with resilience.

In 2018, while living at an apartment complex, the client’s refrigerator was replaced by maintenance, damaging the kitchen floor. For two and a half years, despite repeated complaints and promises from apartment staff, the hazardous floor was never fixed. The client’s lease stated that the apartment was responsible for maintaining safety, making liability clear.

On July 31, 2020, the client fell in the kitchen due to the damaged floor, worsening pre-existing conditions, including back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain. An EMS team took the client to a hospital, where bruises and pain were diagnosed.

Over the next three and a half years, the client sought treatment for worsening injuries. In January 2022, the client underwent a back fusion surgery, but a complication led to further health issues. Despite setbacks, Stephen Bishop eventually reached a $637,500 settlement for the client.

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