The equipment used in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and other industrial workplaces is often dangerous and can present a number of hazards to those who use that equipment.

To reduce injuries, proper safety mechanisms must be installed in these products, and warning labels must be affixed to warn users of potential dangers and safe operation policies and procedures that must be followed.

Injuries Caused by Dangerous or Defective Equipment

Defective machinery that cause work injuries on industrial sites may include:

  • drill presses
  • saws
  • forklifts
  • bulldozers
  • valves
  • elevators
  • boilers
  • assembly line machinery
  • other defective machines

At Brown & Crouppen, our lawyers know that product manufacturers, designers, and distributors do not always make decisions about those products with consumers’ best interests in mind. Sometimes, profits are put ahead of safety, and serious injuries can occur as a result of dangerous and defective machinery. Our firm has strong, insightful attorneys, a breadth of support staff, and the depth of resources necessary to pursue lawsuits on behalf of injured clients and their families.

Finding Justice and Compensation for Victims of Dangerous Workplaces

Brown & Crouppen has litigated and won defective product cases where death, paraplegia, or quadriplegia has been caused as a result. We have found justice for many paralyzed victims of negligence and have pursued compensation for special medical needs and expenses related to their injuries.

What Can a Personal Injury Law Firm Do for Me?

Often, victims of defective and dangerous equipment think they can get a fair settlement and keep a larger amount of compensation if they work directly with the insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance company’s first responsibility is to their shareholders, not to injured people. An experienced personal injury lawyer, like the ones at Brown & Crouppen, can provide critical legal representation to ensure that your personal injury case is handled fairly.

Brown & Crouppen’s personal injury lawyers help accident victims by:

  • assessing your personal injury claim (don’t worry, it’s a free consultation)
  • preserving crucial evidence about your claim before it can be destroyed or lost
  • providing ongoing legal advice about your personal injury case, so you understand the legal issues
  • helping you gather medical records and other documentation
  • questioning witnesses and working with medical experts to support your insurance claims
  • discussing options for the medical treatment you need and the amount of compensation needed to cover your medical bills
  • negotiating with the insurance company and evaluating settlement offers

Injured Due to Dangerous or Defective Equipment? Contact the Lawyers of Brown & Crouppen.

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