Lead has been used to make paint for hundreds of years. The dangers of lead paint have been well-established since the early 20th century. Lead paint can cause significant problems, many of which are especially damaging to children.

St. Louis has one of the highest rates of childhood lead poisoning in the country and the highest rate in Missouri. Lead poisoning is also prevalent across Southern Illinois and Kansas.

Has Your Child Been Exposed to Lead Paint?

Childhood lead poisoning in the United States is usually caused by ingesting deteriorating lead paint. A typical case involves a child under the age of seven who eats small chips of paint that flake off painted surfaces in their home. Small children are induced to eat the paint chips because the lead gives the paint a sweet taste.

Even though the U.S. banned lead as an ingredient in paint in 1979, it’s estimated that over 50% of children living in urban settings are exposed annually. These children often live in dwellings that are at least 40 years old and lack recent maintenance.  

Childhood lead poisoning can result in:

  • permanent brain damage
  • learning and developmental disabilities
  • kidney disease
  • muscle weakness

Lead poisoning can occur due to lead in:

  • paint in homes (especially those built before 1979)
  • toys
  • furniture
  • sporting equipment
  • lead water service lines / older pipes
  • lead contaminated soils (particularly in the Tri-State Mining District of Missouri)

Other Sources of Lead Poisoning

Furniture, toys, clothes, and other products manufactured overseas have been sold to the American public with high levels of lead. This has resulted in recalls of hundreds of items and a growing number of dangerous exposures to lead poisoning. A list of recalled items is available here.

The Winning Team for Lead Poisoning Cases

The full effects of childhood lead poisoning may take years to appear because many problems are developmental in nature. This delay means childhood lead poisoning as the cause of medical issues may be more difficult to prove.

The attorneys of Brown & Crouppen are experienced and successful at litigating even the most challenging lead paint cases, with strong, knowledgeable lawyers, a powerful supporting team, and significant resources. From our research team to our medical professionals, investigators, and economists, our entire team is on your side, creating the strongest possible case for you.

If a child has tested positive for high levels of lead or you have been advised of the presence of lead at your residence, and you have been advised by a healthcare professional that lead poisoning is a suspected cause of injury, call the attorneys at Brown & Crouppen.

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