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Paragard is a hormone-free intrauterine device (IUD) made of copper that is implanted in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Lawsuits against the manufacturer of Paragard claim that the device breaks when it is removed, causing serious injuries which lead to surgery. 

Those who filed a lawsuit against Paragard claim that the T-shaped device is defective and that manufacturers were not forthcoming in issuing a warning about the likely risk of injury. The device should be easy to remove in the healthcare provider’s office. It is supposed to fold up for simple removal. However, upon removal, many women have had the device break into pieces with parts of the IUD remaining in their body. They are seeking compensation for their medical injuries.

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Who is eligible to file a Paragard lawsuit?

Women who have had experienced injury after having Paragard implanted and then removed may be eligible to file a Paragard lawsuit. These are often women who have had the device break inside them, leading to surgical removal and other injuries. 

The types of injuries that women have faced due to Paragard removal complications include IUD migration or missing pieces stuck in organs, uterine or cervical perforation, inflammation and allergic reactions, pain, infertility, infection, and surgery. Any woman who has suffered from injuries caused by Paragard removal  may be eligible to file a Paragard lawsuit.

Recent Paragard lawsuit updates

  • May 5, 2023: A new Paragard lawsuit was filed by a California woman against Teva and CooperSurgical. This lawsuit alleges that her Paragard broke during removal and that she had to have numerous surgeries for total removal. 
  • May 1, 2023: A judge in Paragard lawsuits stated he was optimistic about settlement talks moving forward. He was hopeful that all parties would begin moving towards settlement as trial dates approached.
  • April 21, 2023: Pretrial conferences and settlement talks continue.
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Broken Paragard IUD risks & injuries

Thousands of women have had the contraceptive IUD device, Paragard, implanted in their uterus. The device has a defect that causes it to break upon removal, injuring the woman and often leading to surgery.

During Paragard removal, the doctor grasps the threads with forceps in order to pull the device out of the uterus. The intention is for the IUD to remain together and easily be pulled out. 

Unfortunately, there have been thousands of reported cases by patients and doctors claiming that the arms of the device broke off or that the entire IUD broke into pieces during removal. When this happens, pieces of the IUD remain inside the woman’s uterus. Sometimes the pieces are lost and sometimes they become embedded in organs. This often leads to surgery in order to attempt removal of the broken pieces. 

There are many risks associated with Paragard breaking and puncturing the uterine wall. These risks include organ damage, pelvic damage, scarring, infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, and idiopathic intracranial hypertension. There have even been cases when pieces of the IUD have become embedded so deeply that a full hysterectomy has been required.

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Notable Paragard IUD lawsuits

Tredway v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Lawsuit

In 2008, Carley Tredway received a Paragard IUD implant. Ten years later, in 2018, she went to her doctor to have the device removed. The doctor performed the removal as instructed, however, once the IUD was out, the doctor and Trawley became aware that there was still one arm in the uterus. A month later, the arm was removed during a procedure known as a hysteroscopy. 

In September 2020, Carley Tredway filed a lawsuit against Teva and Cooper Surgical. The premise of her case states that she and her doctors had no warning about the risk of Paragard IUD breaking and injury, and that they were, in fact, unaware of the risk of removal.

Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Lawsuit

Georgia Bowers had Paragard implanted in January of 2017 and went to have it removed in September of the same year. It was discovered that her device had been positioned incorrectly. When the doctor removed the IUD by properly following instructions, only part of the device came out. There was an arm missing from the device, which her doctor attempted to remove via colposcopy. However, that attempt was unsuccessful. 

She filed her lawsuit against Teva and Cooper Surgical in September 2020,  alleging that the defendants were aware of the significant risk of arm breakage and that they kept making and selling the device without warning.

How a Paragard IUD lawyer can help

Paragard IUD lawyers are working with women who have experienced breakage and injury from their Paragard device. These lawyers talk and work with multiple women in all 50 states. They can help women bring their lawsuits . A Paragard IUD lawyer understands the ins and outs of this case and can help victims  understand the strengths and weaknesses of potential settlement amounts. The best way to ensure they are getting effective, quality legal help with their Paragard issues is by hiring a dedicated Paragard IUD lawyer.

If you or someone you care about was harmed by using a Paragard IUD, contact Brown & Crouppen today for a free and confidential case evaluation. We can help you make informed decisions about your legal rights, so please call at 888-802-0827 for your free legal consultation or save time with our online form.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a recall on Paragard IUDs?

No. Despite all of the information that has come to light and all of the lawsuits filed due to severe health and safety issues, Paragard IUD is still available and has not been recalled.

Is there a class action Paragard lawsuit?

Lawsuits against Paragard are not class action. Each individual that has experienced injuries from the device is represented by their own attorney who files the lawsuit. The individual cases filed are consolidated into one MDL, but each is represented individually.

All of the cases in an MDL don’t go to trial. Certain cases will be chosen to go to trial and the outcomes help to set the precedence for the other cases.

Can I file a lawsuit if my Paragard IUD broke during removal?

If you had a Paragard IUD that broke during removal, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Contact a Paragard IUD attorney to learn more.

How long do I have to file a Paragard lawsuit?

If you had a Paragard IUD that broke during removal, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit. Contact a Paragard IUD attorney to learn more.

How much is my Paragard IUD case worth?

It is unknown how much claimants will receive for their case against Paragard, as there haven’t been any settlements yet.


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