Brown & Crouppen Announces Partnership with The Mound City Bar Association

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Brown & Crouppen’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee is elated to announce a partnership with Mound City Bar Association. “The Mound City Bar Association is a diverse group of lawyers, judges, paralegals and law students who advance the legal profession through community and legal service.  MCBA has a long tradition of service to the St. Louis community and I am excited that Brown & Crouppen has partnered with us to further our outreach, “says Brandon Jackson, Brown & Crouppen attorney and a board member of MCBA.

The partnership with Mound City Bar Association will provide pro bono administrative support. Khevna Patel, DE&I and Recruiting Manager, and Sharee McCoy, Pro Bono Paralegal both of Brown & Crouppen will be leading the project for the firm.

 Another B&C attorney who works with Mound City Bar Association is excited to get to work. Attorney and Mound City Bar Association Board Member Andrea A. Lowe explains, “As a board member of the Mound City Bar Foundation, the charitable branch of Mound City Bar Association, it’s important to have partnerships with local law firms like Brown & Crouppen in our efforts to promote and advance the professional development of our members, which is mostly comprised of black lawyers and judges.  MCBA works hard to support the St. Louis community and ensure the administration of justice is carried out in an equitable way.  By uniting with Brown & Crouppen, these efforts can only improve, and we are excited to begin the work.”

None of this would be possible without the guidance of Mound City Bar Association President Steve Harmon. Steve tells us, “The administrative support will allow MCBA to expand our programs and provide additional services to our members and the community we serve.  Additionally, we will be in a better position to prepare for our upcoming Centennial Celebration that we are all looking forward to. Thank you Brown & Crouppen for your support to the Mound City Bar Association.”

Brown & Crouppen is committed to helping the community we serve and the partnership with such a prestige association will help us expand our efforts and provide opportunities for our employees to make a difference, while working from home. Brown & Crouppen has found creative ways to serve our community, support our partners and keep employee moral high during the pandemic. We would like to thank Mound City Bar Association for the collaboration and look forward to building our efforts.

For further details or questions, email  Khevna Patel, DE&I and Recruiting Manager, Brown & Crouppen.

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