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How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?

Workers’ compensation cases often settle in as little as 6 months after medical treatment is complete.  However, each case is unique and can take less or more time to settle depending on the injuries and number of parties involved in the claim. The process of settling a workers’ compensation is a multi-step process. In an ideal world, this is how a claim should go. Step...
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Missouri Helmet Law for Motorcyclists

In 1967, Missouri enacted a universal helmet law which required every single person operating a motorcycle or riding as a passenger to wear a helmet when traveling on Missouri highways. However, on August 28, 2020, a more relaxed helmet law went into effect, requiring instead that only certain individuals must wear a helmet when operating or riding on a motorcycle. RSMo. 302.020(2), also known as...
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How Long Does A Settlement Take For A Car Accident?

Car accident cases with clear liability and moderate injuries often settle within 6 to 9 months after medical treatment is complete. The amount of time it takes to get a car accident settlement can vary depending on the type of injuries, involvement of a commercial vehicle and their insurance company, and the size of the accident.   Generally, a car accident claim that results in a...
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Missouri Damage Caps

Big corporations have spent decades marketing the myth of the “frivolous lawsuit.” According to them, the only way to protect helpless corporations from the people they hurt is to limit (“cap”) how much money (“damages”) those injured people can receive at trial.   In Missouri, whether damages can be capped depends on two main factors–the type of damage, and the defendant.  Economic damages, also known as...
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Why Is My Car Accident Settlement Taking So Long?

A common question received by personal injury attorneys is “why is my car accident settlement taking so long?” Despite each case being unique, there are some common reasons why car accident settlements can seem like they are taking a long time to progress. Car accidents can take a long time to settle for the following reasons: Length of Medical Treatment Collecting Medical Bills & Records...
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How long do you have to file a police report after a car accident in Missouri?

You have 30 days to file a police report in Missouri. However, it’s in your best interest to file a police report as soon as possible in almost all cases.  It is important that you report the accident for several reasons, including: Required by law – Some accidents must be reported. Under Missouri law, an accident shall be reported within 30 days if any owner/operator...
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The “No Pay, No Play” Law in Missouri

Missouri’s “No Pay, No Play” law prevents uninsured motorists from pursuing non-economic damages after an auto accident (RSMo section § 303.390). This includes uninsured drivers who own the vehicle, uninsured permissive drivers of the vehicle, and uninsured nonpermissive drivers. This means all uninsured drivers in Missouri are unable to collect the following types of non-economic losses: Pain and suffering Loss of normal life Emotional distress...
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Is Missouri An At-Fault Or No-Fault State?

Missouri is an at-fault state, meaning that Missouri residents are required to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage through their auto insurance provider. In the event of an auto accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance is liable to pay for medical expenses and other damages to individuals who were injured as a result of the accident. This protects injured persons if the driver holding the...
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