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Women in Law Spotlight: Co-Counsel Relations Director Cheryl Sept

Cheryl Sept is a Director at Brown & Crouppen Law Firm where she oversees Co-Counsel Relations. We interviewed Cheryl to learn more about her role in leadership, how the firm works to best serve our clients, and more.  Cheryl: I interviewed here 18 years ago for a position in our Intake Department, for a call center specialist position. I actually was hired by managing partner Ed...
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5 Steps to Take After an Accident With a Drunk Driver

Car accidents are always unexpected events which make it impossible to feel prepared in the moments following. After the initial impact and once your vehicle is at rest, the feelings of shock and adrenaline are still rising for most drivers. Uncertainty and stress elevate even higher when you suspect that the other driver in the collision is under the influence. Their behavior may be unpredictable,...
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10 Safety Tips for Riders & Drivers During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

“Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive.” Hugh Laurie There’s no denying that motorcycles are tempting, fun and fuel-efficient. But it’s also true that riding a motorcycle poses more risk than getting behind the wheel of a car. With an enormous amount of space comes tremendous responsibility for motorcycle riders and the drivers of vehicles on the road. We all invoke a personal responsibility to keep ourselves and others...
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Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim in Missouri?

Can you bring a claim for wrongful death against the at-fault party for the death of your child, parent, spouse, significant other, partner, grand-parent, or friend, in Missouri? You’ve lived together for over ten years and own both your house and your cars together. You’ve never had kids together, but your significant other (spouse or partner) has an adult child from a prior marriage, who...
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6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance at Home

We’ve passed the one-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic. You may have thought this health crisis would only last a couple of months and be behind us already. Our usual 9-5 routine has turned into creating makeshift offices at our homes and integrating our children and personal lives into one space. Some of us have realized that we need more time spent on in-person (face-to-face)...
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How Our Firm Adapted Community Outreach and Engagement Efforts During the Pandemic

Springtime is a busy season for community outreach activity. In years past, Team B&C would be active in attending walks, volunteering, marching in parades, and attending trivia nights. With in-person events still on hold or gradually resuming, we’ve continued our support in different ways. Brown & Crouppen has provided sponsorships and sent auction baskets for virtual events and we’ve been active in virtual walks and 5ks,...
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What to Expect During a Personal Injury Deposition

When it comes time to give a deposition in a case and you are the person to be deposed, it can certainly cause some anxiety and unease if you have never experienced one before.  Have no fear, because the attorney will be there to help you understand the process and will be by your side before, during, and after the deposition. The deponent will know...
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Is My Lawsuit Settlement Taxable?

A common question we often receive about personal injury settlements is whether a settlement is taxable. The facts and circumstances of the case will determine this. It is true that the IRS will not disturb an allocation if it is consistent with what is contained in the settled claims. If the claim is a personal injury case and did not contain an itemized deduction for...
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