The vast majority of car accidents in Missouri have something in common. For the victims, these accidents feel like they come out of nowhere. But more often than not, you can trace a car accident back to one driver’s roadway negligence. U-turn accidents, in particular, often stem from a driver’s recklessness behind the wheel. Unfortunately, that negligence can leave you with physical injuries and bills you weren’t prepared for.

Don’t let that negligence go unanswered. The car accident lawyers at Brown & Crouppen can stand with and help you get financial compensation.

Why choose Brown & Crouppen after a U-turn car accident?

If you were hurt in a U-turn car accident and you’re struggling to pay the bills, the attorneys at Brown & Crouppen can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys in St. Louis have the resources and experience to ensure you are awarded fairly. Our team will investigate the circumstances that led to your accident and get you the most for your case.

We can help you calculate your losses and build a personal injury claim to take to court. We’ll investigate while you focus on recovering. It’s our job to secure the financial support you need to restore your previous quality of life in the months following your accident.We know car accident cases, and we have the results to prove it. Browse Brown & Crouppen’s case results to see what kind of compensation we’ve won for our car accident clients in the past.

Can you seek compensation if you were hurt in a U-turn accident?

Passengers and drivers injured in a U-turn accident can demand compensation after a U-turn collision. You must file a personal injury claim to do so. Your complaint must specifically name the party responsible for your losses. You also need to include evidence to support your assertion of fault.

A U-turn accident lawyer can take care of this process for you. They can also estimate the total sum of the damages you may be entitled to. These damages can include the cost of your:

  • Medical bills
  • At-home recovery
  • Lost wages
  • Property restoration and repair

You also have the right to request non-economic damages in the face of a U-turn collision. We determine how emotional distress, mental anguish, and pain and suffering modify the economic sum of your losses. You can learn more about the influence non-economic losses can have on your U-turn accident claim during an initial case consultation with our car accident attorneys.

What types of injuries can U-turns cause?

U-turn accidents can force you to contend with a myriad of life-altering injuries, including:

Make an appointment with your doctor to better understand the full extent of a U-turn accident’s impact on your health. You can later present the bills from your visits and any bills you may have received from emergency responders as evidence of your right to damages in civil court.

What are common causes of U-turn accidents in Missouri?

Performing a U-turn is inherently dangerous on Missouri’s highways, as doing so requires a driver to cross two lanes of fast-moving traffic. The state has made an effort to make it safer for drivers to change direction on its interstates by constructing J-turn lanes. J-turns reduce the likelihood of right-angle crashes, which have greater fatality rates than other turn accidents. 

According to a study released by the University of Missouri, J-turn lanes have reduced the number of fatal accidents in Missouri. While fatal accidents have dropped by 88 percent and serious injury crashes by 78 percent, drivers in the state can still fall victim to negligence. Whether that negligence takes the form of distraction, intoxication, or deliberate recklessness, it can result in a dangerous U-turn accident.

Who can you hold at fault for a U-turn accident?

In the aftermath of a U-turn accident, who’s at fault will probably be one of your first concerns. When in doubt, the person who made the U-turn is usually to blame, although it’s important to know the rules of the road. Some areas may have signs prohibiting U-turns altogether or may allow U-turns where there are no stoplights. 

In addition, your case may differ when the driver in question works for uber or otherwise represents a corporation. If you get into an accident with an on-duty rideshare employee or another corporate representative, you might have the right to hold an institution liable for your losses. An attorney can help you determine the nature of the accident and who is liable.

What happens if you’re partially at-fault for a U-turn accident in St. Louis?

The defendant in your case has the right to claim that you bear some of the responsibility for your U-turn accident. Those accusations can impact your right to compensation. According to Missouri’s laws on contributory negligence, outlined in Missouri Revised Statute Stat 537.060, a court must determine how much you contributed to your accident. The court can then deduct a percentage of the compensation equivalent to their findings of your responsibility.

If you suspect a liable party may try to argue that you contributed to your accident, a lawyer can refute arguments brought forward in court or request that the liable party meet you for settlement negotiations outside the courtroom.

How long do you have to file a U-turn car accident claim?

Missouri has a generous car accident statute of limitations. You have five years from the day your accident takes place to bring a U-turn car accident to a civil judge’s attention. If you file a U-turn accident claim outside of those five years, Missouri’s civil courts can dismiss your right to legal action without considering the circumstances that led to your accident.

However, try to call an attorney as soon as possible after a U-turn accident so that they can find the necessary information to build a winning case and get you the settlement you need to pay your bills.

What are Missouri’s U-turn laws?

Missouri allows its drivers to make U-turns only under certain circumstances. According to Missouri Revised Statute Stat 304.341, drivers cannot make U-turns at intersections with stoplights or areas otherwise controlled by law enforcement. When at any other intersection, drivers are encouraged to use their best judgment and only make a U-turn if surrounding traffic patterns make it safe to do so.

If the party responsible for the U-turn accident violated Missouri’s roadway laws, that party might face criminal charges on top of civil charges. You can submit that criminal conviction as proof of negligence in civil court.

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