Nursing home abuse refers to the physical abuse or emotional abuse of the elderly and other vulnerable adults that takes place in residential, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. It is also sometimes referred to as institutional elder abuse, and in the worst cases, can result in the wrongful death of the patient. Caring for elderly family members is one of our most sacred duties as a society, yet many nursing home residents suffer personal injury and mistreatment from the very care facilities we entrust with their proper care.

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Types of Abuse Reported in Nursing Homes

The most common forms of elder abuse that our nursing home abuse attorneys see are:

  • Physical abuse – the infliction of physical pain which may result in bruising, scars, or other forms of abuse.
  • Psychological / Emotional abuse – demeaning statements, harassment, threats, humiliation, or intimidation by staff members that result in the patient experiencing anxiety, depression, or mood changes.
  • Sexual abuse – unwanted or nonconsensual sexual contact (through force or trickery) by a staff member, resident, or nursing home visitor.
  • Financial abuse – The misappropriation or misallocation of financial resources by caregivers, other family members, strangers, or means to control an individual to facilitate other forms of abuse.
  • Nursing home neglect – occurs when patients are repeatedly ignored or experience a poor level of care. This can include the neglect of personal hygiene, providing inadequate portions of food and water, and failure to provide patients with required medication (medication errors).

Nursing home abuse cases are often referred to as “the hidden crime” for several reasons: it is often difficult to recognize, it can be concealed by nursing home staff, and the victims may be too frightened or incapacitated to communicate the neglect.

Our personal injury lawyers can help prove negligence and damages to recover financial compensation for damages.

Common Injuries of Nursing Home Abuse Victims

  • Bedsores – injuries to the skin and underlying tissue caused primarily from lack of attention and improper medical care.
  • Injuries from Falls – injuries that can lead to broken bones, disability, functional decline, reduced independence, and reduced quality of life.
  • Medication errors – improper dispensing of medicine to patients that causes harm.
  • Choking – due to improper monitoring of patients or improper care that results in choking.
  • Elopement – failure to supervise patients with a debilitating mental illness that results in the patient leaving a facility without notice.

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse or Nursing Home Negligence

Many nursing home abuse cases can be identified through a few common warning signs. It is critical that loved ones distinguish between these signs of nursing home abuse and ordinary signs of old age or dementia commonly found among nursing home or assisted living facility residents.

The following are common signs of nursing home abuse:  

  • Bedsores
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Silence around nursing home staff
  • Bruises or bleeding
  • Unexplained illness, disease, or infection
  • Dehydration, malnutrition, or unexplained weight loss
  • Physical pain or discomfort
  • Unexplained financial hardship or unpaid bills
  • Sudden changes in power of attorney or to the loved one’s will

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Unfortunately, nursing home neglect happens all too often in nursing homes and long-term care facilities throughout Missouri and southern Illinois due to improperly trained staff, negligent hiring, or understaffing. Finding the right law firm to handle your nursing home abuse lawsuit is critical.

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