Great 2021 Brown and Crouppen Case Results: What a Year!

As we embrace the new year, we take this opportunity to reflect on some of our Brown and Crouppen victories! Below are just a few of our outstanding results from this past year. A glance through the list shows that personal injury law involves a variety of types of cases: car crashes, slip and falls, trucking accidents, injuries due to the criminal acts of a third party, bad faith actions against insurance companies, and nursing home negligence, to name a few.  

This sampling of cases also demonstrates that at Brown and Crouppen, a great result is not just our biggest monetary wins. A great result can mean taking on a case that several other attorneys refused and getting the client justice and fair compensation for their harms and losses.

We are incredibly proud of the outcomes produced by our lawyers at Brown & Crouppen in 2021. Not only did our attorneys fight insurance companies and defense attorneys, but they were also finding new and novel ways to keep our clients’ cases moving forward during a pandemic.

Below are just a few of the highlights of the Brown and Crouppen 2021 year:

$900,000.00 Verdict At Trial In A He Said/She Said Intersection Crash In Kansas

Our client suffered injuries to her wrist, pelvis, and lower leg when she collided with a trash truck in the middle of an intersection in Kansas City, Kansas.Both drivers contended that the other driver ran the red light. Brown and Crouppen tried the case to verdict in what many consider a fiscally conservative Kansas venue.  

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Above The $25,000.00 Insurance Policy Limits In Auto Crash

A woman was struck and killed by a texting driver. After Defendant’s insurance company failed to tender the $25,000 insurance policy limits upon Plaintiff’s request, we filed suit. The case was resolved for 100 times the insurance policy limits before trial. 

Seven Figure Settlement In Negligent Nursing Home Care Case

A nursing home allowed a deadly pressure sore to develop on a resident’s head. The sore became infected, and eventually, the resident passed away. Our skilled nursing home negligence attorneys obtained an almost seven-figure settlement for the family. 

Seven-Figure Settlement In Railroad Transport Vehicle Vs. Pedestrian Crash

In this case, while not technically an FELA (railroad) case, one of our experienced FELA attorneys knew precisely where to dig with the railroad to put pressure on the Defendant and his employer. Brown &Crouppen represented a man who was hit by a railroad transport vehicle and then left on the side of the road without help for many hours. It was our attorney’s specialized knowledge and decades of experience dealing with railroads that led to the seven-figure result for the loved ones of a man that the Defendants treated so callously.

Six-Figure Settlement For Man Attached By A Fellow Resident At A Residential Living Center

Our client, a disabled resident in the living center, was attacked by another resident. The resident knocked our client out of his wheelchair, fracturing his leg. Despite several hurdles, including the facility arguing that they are not responsible for a third party’s criminal acts and several attorneys declining the case, our skilled Brown and Crouppen attorneys obtained a six-figure settlement for our client.

Almost Five Million Dollar Settlement For An Ironworker In Illinois

After four years of litigation, we obtained a settlement of nearly $5,000,000 for an injured ironworker. Our client was working on the job site when an iron structure’s bracing broke and fell on top of him. Our client underwent spinal surgery, and he will likely need another surgery in the future.   

Seven-Figure Settlement For Toddler Burned By Bathtub Water In An Apartment Complex

Brown & Crouppen attorneys obtained a seven-figure settlement for a little girl who suffered severe burns and scarring when she came into contact with hot water in a bathtub. The babysitter had placed the toddler on a potty chair in the bathtub and turned the water on, then briefly walked away. Unbeknownst to the babysitter and residents, the water reached dangerously high temperatures in violation of accepted practices and codes. 

The case was hard-fought with multiple Defendants and litigated for many years.  

Six-Figure Settlement For Slip And Fall In Illinois

A six-figure settlement was obtained after our client slipped and fell on ice outside a commercial building, breaking his ankle. Our skilled attorneys obtained justice despite Illinois’ strict liability laws that do not allow a plaintiff to recover anything if they have more than 51% of the fault for failing to keep a careful lookout.  

High Seven-Figure Settlement For Passenger Hit By A Car Pulling Off Of The Side Of The Road

Our client was a passenger in a car when another vehicle pulled off the shoulder of the highway into a lane, striking our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered severe injuries, but because the crash was in Kansas, the defendant argued our client was entitled to less money for her medical treatment.

Over A Half Million Dollar Settlement For Non-Catastrophic Car Crash

In a case our attorneys were able to resolve without the expense and time of filing a lawsuit, we obtained a settlement of more than half a million dollars at mediation. Our client suffered injuries to her shoulder and tore her ACL when a delivery van made a left turn in front of her vehicle.  

This list is just a HANDFUL of the cases we successfully handled for our clients this year. 

We are grateful to our clients who trust us and call Brown and Crouppen when they need help. We are proud of our attorneys who fight hard to get our clients ALL the justice they deserve. We look forward to serving our clients and are hopeful for a productive, healthy, and fantastic 2022!

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