Missouri Lawyers Media Names Tim Heilwagner 2020 Unsung Hero Honoree

Tim Heilwagner wins Missouri Lawyers Media Unsung Heros Award

Any year, Tim Heilwagner, would be a perfect candidate for the Unsung Hero Award. But this year in particular is special. We have over 250 people working at Brown & Crouppen. In March, Tim was given the charge of figuring out, in a very short amount of time, how we were going to go from 250 people working in an office to 250 people working from home. And how to do so without any loss of productivity or service to our clients.

In short order, Tim oversaw and set up a phone system that would allow us to work remotely using our existing extensions. He set up remote access to firm software and portable equipment so all employees could recreate their desktops in their homes. He managed the ordering and shipment of computers, printers, scanners, phones, headsets, and more. Tim guided employees through the set-up, ensuring each employee was fully equipped and able to work remotely.

Even if this weren’t special circumstances, Tim’s role of IT Director has been exceptional and tremendously important to the success of the firm. Tim oversees over 250 desktop computers, 100 scanners, 150 cellphones, printers, 100 types of software, and the firm server. He maintains the security of our system, which is constantly under attack from hackers- they have never been successful. He guarantees every employee is fully trained and proficient with the software and technology essential to their jobs. Information technology has grown and evolved significantly since Tim started with the firm in 2007. We’ve relied on Tim and his team to stay current with industry trends and to apply technological upgrades across offices, ensuring every employee is supported. He ensures the business is functioning at the most optimal level.

IT is sometimes not considered part of the team and can be regulated to the background. Sometimes an IT person’s personality can be perceived as condescending. But that is not the case with Tim and the team he has assembled. He and the IT team are very much a part of the Brown & Crouppen family. Their willingness to help is unmatched. Tim has spent hours on the phone with employees patiently troubleshooting. He goes above and beyond, often behind the scenes and often without notice.

Brown & Crouppen is proud to announce IT Director Tim Heilwagner has been awarded the 2020 Unsung Hero honor from Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

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