How Long Does a Motorcycle Accident Take to Settle?

Motorcycle accident claims can settle anywhere between 6 months to 1 year from the date of the accident. However, every accident is different. Whether your motorcycle accident claim settles within a couple of months, a year, or goes to trial in a few years depends on many different factors. If negligence and liability are undisputed, the chances are greater that a case will settle quickly….

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How Long Does A Truck Accident Case Take To Settle?

Truck accident claims often settle within 6 months to 16 months from the date of the accident. However, each truck accident case is different. This is because trucking accidents can involve commercial litigation, multiple parties, and other considerations. The length of time from the date of the incident to the date where you receive a check depends on several different factors: length of treatment for…

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How Long Does A Slip And Fall Case Take To Settle?

Slip and fall claims with clear negligence and moderate injuries often settle within 9-12 months after medical treatment is complete. Cases that involve more complicated injuries and/or commercial defendants often take longer than 12 months to settle. Each case is unique, and slip and fall cases can take several months to several years to resolve depending on several factors. If you slipped and fell at a…

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Average Slip-and-Fall Settlement

The typical slip-and-fall settlement in St. Louis and Kansas City can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, even into the millions, depending on the severity, financial impact, and long-term consequences of the injuries. According to Injury Facts, fall injuries cause 21 percent of preventable injury-related deaths in the United States — the …

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Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement Amount

The average motorcycle settlement amount is approximately $62,564.31. This figure is derived from retrieving settlement amounts in personal injury cases that were settled or won in trial in the last 7 years (between 2015 and 2022). As an average settlement amount, this number represents a statistical average payout for motorcycle accident cases. This means that settlements may be higher or lower than this number, since…

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Average Pedestrian Accident Settlement Amount

The average settlement amount for a pedestrian accident claim is approximately $36,253.73. This figure is based on data from past pedestrian accident settlements within the last 6 years (2015 – 2021). In most cases, the average settlement amount for a pedestrian hit by a car can range from $10K to $75K for minor injuries (such as whiplash or a broken bone). The settlement payout can…

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How Long Do Workers Comp Settlements Take?

Workers’ compensation cases often settle in as little as 6 months after medical treatment is complete. However, each case is unique and can take less or more time to settle depending on the injuries and number of parties involved in the claim. The process of settling a workers’ compensation is a multi-step process. In an ideal world, this is how a claim should go. Step…

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How Long Does A Settlement Take For A Car Accident?

AUTO ACCIDENT SETTLEMENT TIMELINE No matter the case (car, truck, or motorcycle accident), an auto accident settlement often follows the same timeline or process: Claim is filed – An injured party files a claim for compensation with the insurance company for the party or parties who caused or contributed to the accident. Although lay-persons use the …

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A chart showing the average car accident settlement amount compared to other auto accident settlements based on data from Brown & Crouppen Law Firm.

Average Car Accident Settlement Amount

The average settlement amount for a car accident is approximately $41,783.00. This figure may be high in comparison to national averages across the United States because the data includes more car accident settlements involving serious injuries. The average car accident settlement for cases in which non injury or only minor injuries occurred is much lower (generally between $10,000 – $15,000). Additional auto accident settlement values…

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